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Plurk Firefox Sidebar [Updated x2]

I recently discovered Plurk.  A micro-blogging site much like Twitter, only with more features, a cool layout and that headless thing! I’m a fan of the interactive and innovative timeline of posts.  However some people feel the timeline is a bit busy and go for the simplified mobile version.  So I decided to take a […]


Now Twittering & Tumbling

I’m now on Twitter and Tumblr and checking them out. I actually signed up for Twitter a long time ago, but never used it. It’s like IM only to a wider audience or so I understand. I don’t really see the point. However, I do have cool Firefox extension that makes Twittering soooo easy. Now […]


14 Super Simple Ways to Get Things Done GTD

With everyone so obsessed with getting things done (GTD) I thought I’d share a few easy tips to get started on getting things done today. Stop Twittering. Only your stalkers need to know your every move. Turn of instant messaging. *bleep* Can you help me? *bleep* Can you fix this. *bleep* Are you ignoring me? […]