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Wild Thing Roller Coaster Jumps it's Tracks

Xtreme Swing Ready to Take Thrill Seekers to New Heights

New for 2005

RipTide in 2005

Family-Fun Attractions in 2004

Steel Venom rated as "awesome" 05/18/03

Steel Venom Inaugural Ride a Success! 05/17/03

Steel Venom Broken Opening Weekend 05/11/03

Valleyfair announces Steel Venom 09/03/02


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Valleyfair Amusement Park turns 30!
The park was created and built by two local businessmen whose dream it was to build an amusement park that would provide entertainment for everyone. In August of 1974, construction of Valleyfair began. When the park opened in 1976, it included extensive land development, rides, attractions, buildings and landscaping. High Roller--the sole roller coaster--was the main attraction. (High Roller is still around today!)

In 1978, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio acquired Valleyfair, under the management of Cedar Fair Limited Partnership. The acquisition allowed Valleyfair to keep its accelerated expansion plan and also gave the park the expertise of one of the largest amusement parks in the world.

Valleyfair continues to grow every year with new rides and attractions. Since 1976, Valleyfair has invested over $90 million into the park with new rides and attractions. Today, Valleyfair is the largest amusement park in the upper Midwest with six roller coasters, Whitewater Country Waterpark and more than 75 rides and attractions on 90 acres of land in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Xtreme Swing Ready to Take Thrill Seekers to New Heights
World-Class Thrill Ride Swings into Park for 2006
Call it a high-powered swing set; something you won’t find in your own backyard. New at Valleyfair in 2006 is Xtreme Swing, an air-launched thrill ride.

RipTide –720° OF ATTITUDE
Calling all thrill seekers. Valleyfair’s newest ride, RipTide –720° OF ATTITUDE, awaits you. RipTide is a high-flying, gravity-defying, multi-spinning thrill with a splash of water. At a $3 million project cost, RipTide creates a whole new ride experience. "This attraction is a very unique ride with a high thrill quotient and high capacity," states Larry MacKenzie, Valleyfair’s vice president and general manager. "It will be a favorite among our avid thrill seekers."

Skyscraper - Extreme Thrill Ride
Imagine flipping upside down and plunging headfirst 16 stories only to swoop up again in a 360-degree arc. You can experience it for real on May 14, 2005, with the debut of Skyscraper at Valleyfair.

Skyscraper is an extreme thrill ride that captivates an audience, whether you’re riding or watching. The ride rises 160 feet into the air. Four passengers ride at a time, each tightly seated in two open seats on opposite ends of the propeller. The propeller rotates around at a speed of over 55-mph.

Skyscraper is a separate charge attraction and is located near Steel Venom and Challenge Park in the Southeast corner of the park.

Wild Thing
Valleyfair's hyper-coaster, Wild Thing, is one of the world's longest weightless zones and a 200-foot, 60-degree drop! It is an excellent and exciting ride that doesn't disappoint. A favorite for years, Wild Thing still excites visitors today.

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