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Steel Venom Facts and Figures
Physical Dimensions Height of track: 185 feet
Length of drop: 175 feet
Track length: 2,600 feet
Angle of track: 90 degrees
Angle of twist: 360 degrees
Top speed: 68 mph
Design Model: Single twist impulse coaster
Structure: U-shaped steel tubular track
Features: 360-degree vertical twist
            Linear induction motor (LIM)
Color scheme: Periwinkle columns, bright yellow track
Speed & Capacity


  • First launch (forward) - approximately 55 mph
  • Second launch (backward) - approximately 55 mph
  • Third launch (forward) - approximately 68 mph
  • Fourth launch (backward) - approximately 68 mph
  • Fifth launch (forward) - approximately 62 mph
Capacity: Approximately 950 passengers per hour
Vehicles Coaches: Seven four-passenger coaches
           One 28 passenger train
Design: Steel coaches with individual shoulder restraint and restraining belt
Color: Periwinkle seats, orange seatbacks and yellow shoulder harnesses

$8.5 million

Ride Manufacturer Intamin AG (headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland)
Opening Date May 10, 2003 (Opening Day of Valleyfair's 2003 season)
Location Southeast corner of Valleyfair (near Challenge Park)


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