Halloween Mystery Menu

When I was a kid my mom would create a “mystery menu”  which consisted of strange named things and we would have to order off of this menu.  We never knew what exactly we were ordering but that was most of the fun.  We could end up with ketchup, ice cream, and a fork or water, a napkin and carrots.  To us as kids it was always a blast to do and to see what you would end up with.  When I became a parent, I decided I wanted to continue this tradition.  I decided at least initially that I would tie it in with Halloween.  Therefore my menu always has Halloween related items; such as witches tears, monster bites, bone chunks, etc.

Last year was the first year that I did this for my husband and daughter.  My husband had never done anything like this but thought it would be fun.  It was a lot of work but my husband and daughter absolutely loved it.  Now as I’m getting ready for year two I decided to share what I did last year.  I can’t share this year’s menu and key as I don’t want to give away the secrets yet.  If you have never done it I highly recommend it.  It is a blast for kids and adults alike.

Tips:  Block off your kitchen so they have no idea what you are making.  Plan in advance and have a key in the kitchen so you know what you are doing.  Maybe even have some of the items already dished out. 🙂

Halloween Mystery Menu

Mixed up menu (food key)

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