What does your Cat’s Name Mean?

Have you ever wondered what the most popular cat names are? Or how about you just want some suggestions on what to name a cat? Or you would like to know what your cat name means? Well if so I have the site for you its called Kitty Names.  This site will tell you exactly what your cats name means and it will give you a suggestion for different cat names in categories such as movie stars, drinks, and personality.  For mine I didn’t have to worry Sassy fits her personality name and my other kitty chunk also fits his name but its fun to get ideas for a new animal.

10 thoughts on “What does your Cat’s Name Mean?

  1. WHY DOES MY PICTURE LOOK NERDY!? WHY!? (asks cat gods why.) they said “Meow” hmm… words to live by!

  2. I have a cat named mandy! SHE IS SO FLUFFY! her name means ” worthy to be loved” i SO fits her!

  3. ppl want to know wat it mean and i have no clue so and i cant go out with her becuse im selena gomez so im really sorry phoebe

  4. i have one cat and her name is phoebe and i have no clue what it means lol.thats kind of mean of me

  5. I have three cats… Shiloh, Santiago (aka Santee) and Midnight. I have ofter wondered if they have lived up to their names…. what do their names mean?

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