Cats & Christmas Tree Deterrents

Well its happened… last weekend we went away and came back and hmmm our Christmas tree had tipped over.  We have never had this happen even though our small cat, Sassy loves to climb the tree and sleep in it.  Last year we tried a boundary spray and we thought that it worked but after having to do it twice a day and it does not smell pretty let me tell you, it was not the best.  Especially because it would only deter our cats for about 15 minutes.  Any ideas from you cat owners out there about ways to keep our cats away from the tree?  Right now we use water but that only works until you get presents and then you don’t want to drench them.  We’ve tried foil that did nothing.  Any ideas I would greatly appreciate!!!

2 thoughts on “Cats & Christmas Tree Deterrents

  1. Some things that I have tried that have seemed to work for me is to put lavender or peppermint plants in or around the tree. I have heard of putting foil do cause cats are not suppose to like it, but that trick didn’t work for me. Your cats might be different. good luck.

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