Why Paint Cats-Cruelty or not?

I got an email the other day that contained pictures of cats that had been painted.  When I say painted I don’t mean on a canvas no instead the fur of the cats had been painted with different colors.  To me this just seems strange and cruel as who would do something like that to their cats…. Don’t cats have enough color on their fur?  I’m curious why people would do this to their cats?  I know my cats and I have a feeling they would spend the rest of the day licking the paint off of their fur.  Which then makes you think wouldn’t that be bad for them to ingest?  What do you think?

Here’s some picture examples:


10 thoughts on “Why Paint Cats-Cruelty or not?

  1. I don’t belive that. I mean in the book it says that they have like painted cat SHOWS and everything. How can it be a spoof? Its just not possible

  2. CRUEL? REALLY!! Does it hurt when you get your hair colored. SOME PEOPLE ARE SO VERY DENSE. The color is a TEMP. STAIN. IT DOES NOT HURT. How could it, thats what it was made for. I have got it in my eyes and mouth too. NO BURN. THESE CATS AND DOGS ARE PAMPERED AND LAVISHED!!

  3. I agree with Erica up there. I belive that the painting of the cats it real and that it does not hurt them. not one can prove that it does and they use all natural stuff too. I think those who are too stuck up to realise that this is actually a good idea should get out of the box that they live in.

  4. Okay, well chances are you wont answer for awhile so I ask all of you. Do you belive that Why Paint Cats is a spoof?

  5. It’s also not true. The book those pictures came from, “Why Paint Cats,” is a spoof.

  6. I don’t think that the cats mind being paited at all. I mean, if you think about it it’s no different than dying your own hair, just ALOT more expensive. It is not cruel because it is non-toxic paint and will not hurt the cat AT ALL.

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