Laser Declawing

We recently got our second cat laser declawed.  Our first cat it went pretty smoothly with only a slight infection afterwards.  We had highly reccomended it because its supposed to be significantly less painful for cats and when they come home the only thing special you need to do for them is use a special kind of litter.  They are not supposed to have any pain and there is not supposed to be any blood or treatment after the surgery.  With our first cat that was pretty much the case but with our second cat after 3 days he was still favoring his paws and therefore we needed to take him back in.  He is now on morphine and has broken open 4 of his wounds since his surgery.  He doesn’t seem to care and I probably worry more then he notices it as it doesn’t slow him down.  If I had to look at reccomending laser declawing I would still reccomend it I just would warn you even if there isn’t supposed to be any problems after the surgery it all depends on each cat that has it done some will and some won’t but it definitely does not seem to slow the cats down at all. 

362 thoughts on “Laser Declawing

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  2. Jan:

    I am so sorry to hear that your cat had all the issues. I was previously a proponent of declawing, but I think 21 months is too old to do the surgery. My vet does it around 6 months of age.

    I am now opposed to declawing based on the 2 new cats that I have adopted. Both have all their claws and I would not change it for the world. Yes, I had a good table scratched and have a leather sofa too. I have opted to use quilts on the leather and double-sided stick tape on the wood too keep them off. The wood was scratched after the 2 were getting to know each other after the 2nd one came home.

    All my cats were prevously declawed, but now with these 2, I would never declaw them again. I have opted to cover and modify rather than hurt the animals. I am very sorry to hear that your cat had all those problems and I hope that he recovers. I think my last cat that was declaw did have problems later in life with arthritis as a result of declawing. That was done in 1995 before lasers. He has since passed away.

    Best of luck with your cat. Your experience has made me grateful that I decided to not do the laser declaw.

  3. our cat is 21 months old. he is strictlly an indoor cat. he never tore up furniture sharpening his claws. however he did start to damage it by just being playfull, running over the leather furniture and creating holes amd scratchs on it. so we decided to laser declaw. (all 4 paws) the day we brought him home he started to bleed. (3 days after surgery) took him back to vet where withen a week all of his toes opened up. vet said it could have been an allergic reaction to the glue. the vet kept him for another 3 weeks, using hormone creme therapy to nurse his paws back to health. he came home 1 month after surgery, not the same cat. whereas he was playfull and outgoing, now all he gets up for is to eat and go to the litterbox. he is very lethargic. my question, could the vet have botched the surgery leaving him in pain? (perhaps going to deep with laser) the reason i wonder is he allways hesitates slightlly before jumping down off something. hopefully this will pass but i keep thinking of how people have said how great laser is and the quick healing associated with it. any feedback would be appreciated.

  4. I have read many debates on declawing and how it modifies a cat’s behavior and how they will stop using their litter box.

    I have owned 2 cats in the last 29 years. The first, I got when I was 21 years old. I had him front declawed when he was approximately 3 months old. I had no behavior issues or litter box issues with him. In fact, he lived to the age of 15 when I had to have him put to sleep since he was ill and his bowels shut down.

    The next cat I got when I was 36 years old. A beautiful red persian male cat. I had him four declawed at 4 months old. He didn’t even know that he was declawed. I had no bahavior issues of any sort with him. He was very diligent about using his litter box. He lived until almost 15 years old and had to be put down due to an internal tumor causing breathing issues and stopped eating 3 days prior to euthanasia.

    Of course, both cats were strictly indoor cats. Both were afraid to go out of the house. Both were very happy and very good companions. Both never suffered because they were declawed. In fact, our relationship was improved.

    I understand why some think it might be inhumane. That is their belief. I have my own belief and I do not believe that either one of my pets knew the difference.

  5. I, too, use a pit-bull who stands out as the most supportive animal I have ever owned. Soon, a new dog breed will arrive together for that media to blast, as they have accomplished rotties and dobies in prior many years. Unfortunate that media sensationalism breeds so much inaccurate info.

  6. My kittens were declawed by laser about a week ago. They have been fantastic since the time they returned home – no bleeding, no limping – running around like little speed demons. They were even climbing their 5 foot plus tower the next day. They have done “ok” with the newspaper pellet litter, but I think we will all be glad when they can go back to their normal litter. 🙂

    As to the comments about us humans having it done. My father had all his toenails removed and my brother had all his joints in his toes removed due to RA. Both of them were sore, but the pain was controlled with medicine. After they were healed, they both walked fine and said that they would do it again.

    None of us can actually know what a cat does or does not feel, we can only assume based on human emotions. Given that, I would make the assumption that if my cat had the choice between living in my home declawed or going back to a shelter (perhaps even being put down), I’m sure they would choose to live with me.

    This morning, as many mornings, I was awakened by my cat “kissing” me. He slams his nose into my cheek and rubs it all the way to my mouth – does this sound like an unhappy cat?

  7. I think People are very selfish who have their pets declawed…It is very painful and I pray someday will be illegal in the U.S. as is in most countries…How would we like to have our fingers cut to the knuckles…Animals were created with claws for a reason…because someone is so concerned about their precious furniture, then they should not have a cat if they cannot train and spend time with them…Cats are very smart and respond to training very well..I have worked in animal rescue for over 10 years and been a pet owner most of my life…Cats hide their pain…those who make this choice naturally think it is all ok…it is not ok with the cat…You have taken away something precious to them by mutuliating …they need their claws for many reasons..Cats are incredible and do adjust, but humans who chose to do this are only thinking of themselves and I believe are very selfish…I feel strongly enough about this after doing much research and much follow up on those who have had this done to their cats – changing these beautiful loving affectionate cats into pets that do not want to be handled, start biting, and untrusting.

  8. Howdy Marie and Scorpiogirl!
    Yes, the laser declawing procedure IS VERY expensive, but there is such a difference between the new surgeries / procedures and old ones (just like surgeries / procedures for humans).
    For Little Guy (with the Yesterday’s News) it was not a good experience… He just flat out did NOT like it and wouldn’t use. He held off using the little box for one and a half days, which caused me to start freaking out! I franticly did searches and for a while thought it was a side effect of the anesthesia. He scratched and scratched in the litter box and let me know he was NOT happy. I emptied the Yesterdays News out of the litter box and filled it with his regular cat litter and he jumped right in and took care of business. Little guy just flat out didn’t like the pellets that Yesterdays News uses. I don’t think I would enjoy standing on them either. Litter box usage returned to 100% normal when I got rid of the yesterdays new and switched back to what Little Guy was familiar with.
    I too wish that “people” could grasp the fact that some land lords and management companies will not budge an inch concerning their policies to bring a feline into your home.
    You either find a way to deal with or accept the situation or you walk away leaving a potential Best Friend in a cage with a very, very uncertain future (especially if you live in a small town with an overcrowded shelter. Sadly many shelters still kill animals that are not adopted, it is still the way things work sometimes. You do what you must and you accept responsibility and make a commitment to love and cherish your adopted forever friend!
    I will be here for Little Guy ALWAYS!
    (I’ve even made plans for him in my Will.)
    In all honesty when Little Guy came home (the next day), he jumped out of the carrier and went about his life as if nothing had happened. He climbed around on me and let me know his food bowl needed attention…
    Little Guy expressed no discomfort at any time (paw related) after the surgery. He even let me inspect his paws with no problems or aggression. He actually has always liked having has paws massaged (before and after surgery).
    I just can’t even begin to imagine walking away from that cage and not having Little Guy in my life. Especially after the shelter worker informed me his days were counting down.
    Like I said above, the ONLY problem we had was his 100% dislike of the Yesterdays News litter. I even tried it a few weeks later with the same lack of results. I’ve yet to meet a cat owner that has had any good experience with Yesterdays News (people I’ve met face to face). If it works for anyone and their cats that’s GREAT, but I think it’s NOT a very good product!
    Take Care Everyone!

  9. Thank you Clovis, and thanks to all who understand when a happy forever home for kitty requires declawing, and post their experiences, positive and negative without hype and dramatics. Thomas showed up with no collar, un-neutered, starving and freezing in our yard a few weeks back. Newspapers, community notices and calls to the SPCA did not reveal any previous owner. He was sweet and friendly, and it was either us, or the overcrowded local shelter. I knew we’d have to get him declawed within weeks and trained him to Yesterdays News, and elected to get laser declaw done at the same time as the neuter, because of the expense of separate surgeries, on top of his first two sets of shots (over $100 each time).

    Even the two together was very, very expensive, but necessary. He is doing really great tonight, and despite early tenderness in one paw, eventually was batting away at my hand with both paws and purring and play biting gently with me before laying down beside me for the night. The collar (which he would have for the neuter anyway) seems to be more of an issue for him, actually, but he’s sleeping as comfortably as that will allow, as I type this!

    As others have said, we humans whom they own are the ones who are in distress about laser declawing, not our fur person friends, and obviously not the vets who perform it. … p.s. I am noting the same thing about not covering/digging around in the litter box, but am not worried about it. Easier to find and remove the poop, I should think …!

  10. Clovis if you are “listening”, I’m curious to know at how many weeks was your ‘little guy’ showing absolutely no signs of discomfort? I just had my ‘little guy’ Brody laser declawed 6 weeks ago. He still alternates holding up one front paw and then the other. Aside from that paws are nice and pink no sign of surgery. Brody’s other human slave thinks this may be his ploy to get more treats, attention, kitty kisses, etc…

  11. Gwen, altering an animal does not prevent the “humping” you are talking about. My 10 year old cat who’s been neutered a long time ago, still gets frisky with his toys (if you know what I mean). Neutering males helps take away their territorial aggression and helps stop them from spraying your entire house. Spaying females helps prevent that aweful infection of the uterus called pyometra.

    At one point, I had 3 cats in my care. Two were male, and one was female. I was not about to risk their health or contribute to the pet overpopulation by not neutering. It’s bad enough that our local shelter was euthanizing hundreds of cats a week at one point because the number of unwanted cats was getting way out of hand and no one had room for them. And this was all because of irresponsible owners that refuse to neuter their cats.

  12. Gwen, altering an animal does not prevent the “humping” you are talking about. My 10 year old cat who’s been neutered a long time ago, still gets frisky with his toys (if you know what I mean). Neutering males helps take away their territorial aggression and helps stop them from spraying your entire house. Spaying females helps prevent that aweful infection of the uterus called pyometra.

    At one point, I had 3 cats in my care. Two were male, and I was female. I was not about to risk their health or contribute to the pet overpopulation by not neutering. It’s bad enough that our local shelter was euthanizing hundreds of cats a week at one point because the number of unwanted cats was getting way out of hand and no one had room for them. And this was all because of irresponsible owners that refuse to neuter their cats.

  13. I’m really surprised at all the professionals (vet techs, etc) on here who are so staunchly anti-declawing. Surely any vet professional would agree that spaying and neutering are safe, healthy, even recommended options for a pet? But in most cases it is not life-saving, or even medically necessary for a pet who is completely indoors and in a one-pet household. In fact, I’ve seen more people get their pets neutered just to stop an unseemly humping habit than for any real health reasons. I can’t see how this procedure is so much different than declawing, an optional procedure that allows many more families to adopt and keep shelter animals and give them a loving home without sacrificing certain conveniences. A family with a small child, another animal, or a rented apartment could be a great home for a shelter cat, IF the cat was declawed. Wouldn’t all these commenters rather have cats in loving, forever homes, sans claws, then living in cramped, crowded shelters with sometimes intermittent care, simply to save a tiny piece of bone? I just don’t get it, I guess. And this is coming from a life-long vegetarian and pet owner.

  14. In the past 15 years, I’ve had four cats declawed and none of them ever had a problem afterwards. The most recent cat was declawed last summer. He started jumping and playing as usual after three days.

  15. I would just like to say that my cat got lazer declawed in Jan..she is doing great at first i was scared..b/c of bleeding and her being in pain but they get over it really fast!! she is a noramal, healthy cat and her claws where they used to be look great!

  16. DONT DO IT…I just had my cats laser declawed yesterday and they are both in alot of pain I had to go back to get pain meds and to have the doctor wrap their feet because of the bleeding. He explained to me that they laser the nail but they have to make a small cut to remove a piece of bone that way the nail will not grow back.

  17. I want to get my cat laser declawed and am looking for a GREAT but reasonable vet in the Tucson, AZ area. Can anyone help?

  18. Amanda,

    I wish you the best with getting your cat laser declawed. I had done a previous post about how to really make sure that is what you want and blah blah…you can still make sure you ask the dr every question you can think of..I just wanted to say I think I was over thinking because my miss callie is fine and it will be 3 weeks tomorrow and she has nice pink pretty paws. At first it was like it felt they was never going to heal and they was so dark and black around them. I knew she was in pain and that killed me because I thought it was not going to be as bad. I can only imagine what the regualr declawing is like. I’m so happy i went with the laser!! So I would sugest to definatly get him done! in three weeks he will feel like brand new and it’s really adorable to watch them “try” and claw on the funiture and It saves on my yelling!! I don’t have to yell anymore not that it ever did any good because she never listend!! I love my callie and I’m glad it’s a one time thing and I won’t have to get her done again!!! well good luck


  19. My male kitty is going to be 2 in June, I tried the soft paws and in a matter of a few hours managed to get them off! They cost $25 a pack and I had to get a new pack every two weeks. I wanted to let him keep his claws but now that I have learned of the laser surgery I have decided that he should get the front claws removed. He is a spoiled cat that is neutered, micro-chipped and very much loved!

  20. Clovis, I loved your post! Both my cats have been delcawed – one six months ago and one five years ago. They are perfectly happy, running and jumping with no ill effects from the surgery.

  21. I would just like to say that last friday we got our cat callie lazer declawed. I am pretty pleased but her paws have broken open a few times and that scares me because they bleed. I know she is in pain i can see it and I would never get this done again..i used to think it was for the best but i could not have my home torn up because I rent. I love my cat with all my heart but seeing her in pain kills me…However she does not show it..i can just see it in her eyes…she holds her paws up. It makes me sad…but she does play jump, run, climb and that was the factor in her paw bleeding this morning and before..I called the vet and they told me to get “super glue” if it bleeds or breaks open thats what i’ll do..For anyone thinking about getting their cat declawed please please think long and hard about it and talk to the dr that does the surgery…ask all the questions you can. That was my fault i never talked to no dr. and I hate seeing my sweet girl in pain.

  22. Jan, You should’ve quit long ago when you were “ahead”. I wouldn’t call “them” morons if I were you, the moron comment should be pointed at yourself. And I can assume all of those other “morons” willingly agree.

  23. Andy, someone needs to laser declaw quite a few idiots on this forum. HA! That would be a satire, now, wouldn’t it. All those sleasebags begging painkillers and crying for help, ah, but it was done by LASER! So shut up you high maintainance brainless wonders. You can bet not a one of them would act like *nothing happened*…
    What morons

  24. Dear Clueless, er, um, Sheryl-
    I will only say this-either people are totally ignorant or in denial to think 10 bone amputations are painless. I wish you and anyone who thinks this is OK, the very same as they gave their pets, the very same, then I want to hear them once again say it is painless and OK.
    Got it? Hope so, and hope you, too, experience yourself this very *humane* treatment you say is OK for your pet, I really do…

  25. I had a my first cat declawed when she was 4 months old, and she did wonderfully! She showed NO sign of pain, anxiety, stress, etc., and was a truly loving cat. The thing that took her away was the wonderful pet food that killed thousands of pets. How inhumane is that, to not know that the food we are feeding them is contaminated. She passed away and we were heart broken. I waited about six months to adopt again. I had her declawed shortly after getting her, and again, absolutely wonderful! I just don’t think our kitties suffer as much as people want us to believe. If they do, they hide it better than any other living creature I know of. She is the happiest, funniest, most playful kitty, and we love her like she was our daughter. Both cats had the laser surgery, and that definitely sounds like the safest, painless way to go.

  26. Clovis, I immediately recognized your satire and I see no need to apologize because you commented on how well your Little Guy is doing. Frankie had his done last July and he never had any ill effects either. Thanks for the humor and letting people who are wondering about laser declawing know what a great outcome Little Guy had.

  27. Satire is lost on some people…

    (laughs / shakes head)

    Andy, if you came here to read about peoples evidenced based experiences on Laser Declawing you will find that in the first post I made.

    My experience is clearly spelled out.

    Little Guy is GREAT, with NO ill effects from the Laser Declawing.

    I’m sorry if the fact that my cat is fine doesn’t coincide with your beliefs…

    Therese, you didn’t ask any question at all, quite the opposite (even a child can tell when a question is being asked, or a STATEMENT is being made)…

    Let me state it again, my cat is fine, with absolutely no ill effects from the Laser Declawing (which you will find in my first post).

    I am truly sorry that my “evidence based” experiences do not coincide with your beliefs either…

    Those who have taken up residence on their soapboxes sometimes miss the things that are satirical, and find offence in the craziest of things / situations.

    I apologize to everyone in this forum if my “evidence based” experience regarding the Laser Declawing of my cat (in my first post) is just something you can’t accept.

    I also apologize if you found offense in my satirical response to Therese’s comment (regarding my first post on this forum).

    Christi, I have found great information on this forum, and thank you for allowing all views. If you wish to delete my satirical response and this last post, I accept and understand.

    Thank You for allowing me the chance to share my experience based on facts and not emotions.


  28. Wow Clovis, you sure live in a fantasy world, don’t you? I came here to read about people’s experiences with laser declaw and I finally came across your post. I couldn’t help but comment on the ridiculous nature of it. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t get out enough! Like you said (over and over again)…GOOD LORD, GOOD LORD, GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You really need to get a life. People will always have opinions and concerns when it comes to this topic. Maybe you’d be better off educating people with your experience than slamming them because their concern doesn’t coincide with your beliefs.

  29. I got miss callie girl back today around 9:00 and since then she has been running, jumping, climbing up on things. She has been playing, eating and sleeping she seems like nothing happend yesterday. I feel that I made a good choice though I know she is not out of the “woods” yet I bet her belly and paws are definatly sore though she does not let it show. In a previous post I read that cats handel pain very well and hide it. So that must be what she is doing. However one would think that if your paws hurt you would not walk but only when you have to such as to eat or use the litter. Callie never handles pain well but for some reason she is:) I’m just so happy to hav her home. Lazer declawing is defiantly the way to go. For about two weeks she is suppose to use yesterdays news “its a cat litter” I purchased it at the vet this morning when i piced her up. So far she seems to like it:)

    Well hope this helps anyone else thinking about having there cat (s) LAZER DECLAWED.

  30. My Little Guy was checking his email this morning…

    Of course he was doing this using his permanently mangled and damaged digits to do this (funny he can type better than I can).

    I’m in the kitchen fulfilling my “being owned” duties (re-filling food and water bowls, organizing toys (just the way little guy like them), fluffing pillows, laying out treats, etc..)

    As I’m doing all this I hear click, click, clickty, click (as I’m explaining to my little guy, that I really need just an inch more space in bed, if he will be so kind).

    All of a sudden I hear this big “Belly Meow”!
    I run to the computer thinking some other cat has forwarded a photo of a cat chasing a dog (or something like that). Those “Belly Meows” always signal Little Guy has found something that tickled his little cat fancy.

    I lean in, trying to see the screen, and Little Guy is looking at a reply from Therese.
    He is looking at this, Email when he can right himself from these belly meows (which he keeps falling over from).
    When Little Guy gets to laughing like that, balance is the last thing on his mind…

    While he is on the floor rolling around, I take my opportunity to read this latest post, and don’t quite catch myself before the words “How rude” come out of my mouth.

    I shake it off as yet another post based on “emotion” instead of fact, and go back to my duties I have been assigned.

    As I’m finishing up my morning “Little Guy chores”, Little Guy taps me on the shoulder…
    He has quit rolling around on the floor in throws of kitty laughter, and has a slightly evil look on his face.

    While I was going about my designated tasks, Little Guy has opened a tracking program (one he has been working on while I watch The View). He wrote this program to track IP addresses.
    Little Guy has found the IP address he was looking for (he’s an adept Little Guy), and has opened up a new email and has attached a Trojan Kitty he developed using “C(itty)++”.

    Sorry Therese, I couldn’t stop him before he hit send (with his “Club Footed” mangled, permanently damaged, toeless paw).
    So if you get an email from “Little Guy” with a subject line of “Really I’m Fine, Stop Advocating For Me, Because You Don’t Speak For Me, and Try Getting A Life: Seriously You Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow!!!” Good Lord, don’t open it, Good Lord, Good Lord, Good Lord, please don’t open it…

    I have suggested to Little Guy that he try and make his Subject Lines more precise, and less wordy (along with less Kitty Explanative), but my suggestions are waved away with his Amputated and Disabled paw…

    Sorry, back to the email:

    Like I said, I couldn’t stop Little Guy before he hit send (damaged paw, blah, blah, blah)…
    Anyway, apparently you hit a nerve (a damaged one I guess) because he put that Trojan Kitty in the Email, so I would suggest that you not open it (Good Lord)!!!

    Opening it will cause you to not be able to find your toilet.
    You will walk around just spraying everywhere, with no ability to stop.
    Little Guy also found a way to make this Trojan Kitty permanently alter your personality, which will cause you to walk around on your club footed amputated knuckles while foaming at the mouth, saying crazy, crazy unintelligible things (after re-reading your comment, you might have already opened one in the past (like Jan and some others have)).

    Before he sent the email out to you Therese, he forwarded your IP address to his other rescued (and mutilated) OLD friends.
    (I think they have a Yahoo Group, My Space, Face Book or something like that).
    They are a moody bunch when it comes to “Meow-Pots”…

    Well, anyway, I just wanted to give you fair warning (like I said above, I think you hit a permanently damaged nerve or something like that)…

    Sorry, I must start getting ready for the day now.
    It’s been such fun hanging out here with all of you, but all good things must come to an end, and kitten says I’ve been on the computer long enough, it’s his turn again (as evidenced by the constant thrumming / tapping of his tired, old, incredibly deformed and constantly excruciatingly painful paws).

    Little Guy is taking me out for breakfast (Coffee and Scones (He’s such a dapper guy))!

    He also mentioned something about treating me to a manicure and pedicure this morning.

    We are off to live our lives…
    Now why don’t you all go get one too, and stop sniffing around our litter box!

    Have a Heart.
    Rescue a Shelter Animal.
    Do what you must without guilt or shame.
    Save a Life, LOVE your FOREVER FRIEND (and be open to Their LOVE)!
    Try not to get caught up in the drama of Meow-Pots!
    Shun and Shame BREEDERS (they only exacerbate the overpopulation pandemic)!
    Sleep well, knowing that you have done the best you can!!!

    (under the watchful eye, and with the permission of Little Guy)

  31. I sure hope your cat wasn’t an older one. My vet will refuse to declaw a cat that’s older due to the excruciating pain they endure from the knuckle amputations. Good Lord. I hope your cat isn’t older.

  32. My cat is 7 months old and Today she went in for a spay and a lazer declaw. I have called twice and they say she is doing really well. I am pleased as I was so scared to have this done. I love her so much and she is my sweet girl. I think this was the best for her. I do not feel it was really all that expensive. For the spay and lazer declaw it was 199 and then I decided to get her shots too!! I will get her back in the morning around 9:00. I won’t sleep tonight as she is our little bed pal!! Well I don’t know much about how she will act. I do know that I have read good comments on here and I DO NOT THINK THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH GETTING YOUR CAT LAZER DECLAWED!!!


  33. I visited this forum a few weeks before my cat was scheduled to be declawed.
    I came here looking for information regarding the laser declawing procedure.

    As an apartment dweller, declawing (of the front feet) is required.
    I tried to talk with the manager and the home office about other options, but they were unmovable regarding this company wide policy.

    My Therapist, Friends, Family and even my Apartment Manager were adamant that I get a “Companion” animal.

    I don’t get out much anymore due to my severe and worsening rheumatoid arthritis.

    Without the procedure, I couldn’t have a cat.
    Without the cat, my depression related to my isolation would continue to increase.

    I found a lovely cat that had no time left at our local shelter.
    Coming from a small town, our shelter is overwhelmed, and unfortunately not all of the animals can be adopted…

    As I am disabled and get by on a very limited income, one of my Friends stepped forward and offered to pay the laser declaw bill.

    With the help of our local Area Agency on Aging, I also qualified for a grant called WALOP (We All Love Our Pets), which helps provide food for low income people with pets.

    Back to declawing:

    My Friend took me up to the vet, so I could meet him, and his staff (amazingly kind people), that helped me through this process and understood my concerns and fears.

    When my little guy came home from the laser declawing procedure, I was very upset, and very worried about him…

    To my surprise, he jumped out of the cat carrier, and leaped up into my lap.
    After a little “where ya been” rubbing, he jumped down and went about his business like he did before the surgery.

    The ONLY negative related to this procedure, was the change in cat litter (Yesterdays News).

    My cat didn’t like it at all.

    So, I switched back to his regular litter, and he was fine.

    It has now been a few months since the procedure, and I am really happy to share that my little guy is absolutely fine, and shows no ill effects from the laser declawing.

    He jumps.
    He uses his front paws.
    He plays with his toys, and batts them all over the apartment.
    He picks up toys, jumps around, pounces and plays just like he did before the procedure.
    He has no tenderness in his front paws as evidenced by him playing with me with his front paws.
    He still kneads his spot with happy abandon.

    He will still let me trim his back paws, until he is tired of it (laugh).

    After reading all of the nasty and hate filled comments directed at people looking for real and evidence based information, I felt I had to revisit this forum and add my “two cents”.

    If you can afford it (it is VERY expensive), and have no other option available to you, the laser declawing procedure is the most humane option out there.

    Even my local Vet (which I didn’t use for the laser declawing, because it’s not available in my small town) was amazed at how my little guy has no problems at all with his front feet.

    There ya have it…

    I had no choice.
    It was expensive.
    Yesterdays News (the litter), my cat didn’t like.
    “Little guy” had no problems after the procedure.

    I think the anxiety and guilt for me was more difficult than the procedure for my little guy…

    Peace to ALL,


  34. As far as I am concerned, people who breed cats (as opposed to rescue and adopt) are in no position to criticize anyone. I am appalled that Jan can consider herself a cat lover when she ensures the euthanasia of healthy loveable cats will continue by adding to the surplus!
    I started reading this thread to learn more about laser de-clawing. The primary lesson I’ve gotten is that vitriolic zealots abound everywhere. Stick to the facts please and do not dare to criticize people you do not know anything about. Those who are interested in learning more about de-clawing all have their own reasons for doing so. The very act of researching this procedure itself, is proof that we love and care about our cats.

  35. You’re probably right, Kath, I think cats most likely have a high threshhold for pain and hide it well. But even if he did have pain and was able to endure it, I doubt he’d be jumping down from high places and walking excessivly. He might do it once, but I would think he’d be smart enough not to do it a second time until the pain was gone. Cats are known to hide pain well, and they are also very smart animals. I doesn’t make much sense for a cat to walk around in pain, when not necessary. I would think a cat would only walk when necessary, etc. to eat, drink, or use the litter, but not jump all over the place in play if in pain. Even a little child would stop running around if they had stubbed their toe.

    A few months ago my kitten got his paw stuck under a rocking chair and screeched in pain. Then he ran across the room walking on only 3 legs, and hid under the bed and did not move. I pulled out from under the bed and picked him up to make sure his paw wasn’t broken. I put him gently on his feet to see if would stand up, and he immediately lifted his paw off the ground and would not lean on it because he knew that it hurt to walk on it.

    It’s seems to make sense that a declawed cat would do the same if their paws were in horrible pain. But who knows, maybe I’m wrong.

  36. I have a comment for T.T. I’m not at all attempting to start an argument about whether or not your kitten was feeling any pain. He may have been, or he may not have been. I just want to point out 2 facts, that’s all. First, cats are known to hide pain extremely well. And cats are also known to purr when they are in pain because it soothes them. Now I’m not saying that your cat was in pain. I’m just pointing out these two facts because those darn cats can really fool us into thinking they’re happy when they’re not.

  37. My kitten was just neutered & front declawed last Thurs, Dec 11th. Laser declawing is definitely the way to go, I’m so happy I decided to have it done. I was having second thoughts, thinking the poor little thing was going to be in horrible pain when he comes home. Well, I had nothing to worry about.

    I picked him up on Fri. I was feeling bad for him all day Thurs wondering how he was doing and I expected him to act like he was in some sort of pain when I brought him home. I was even careful driving while he was in his carrier with the hard plastic bottom.

    Well, I was worrying about nothing! He was sticking his paws out the holes of the carrier & purred the whole ride home. Then when I got him home and opened the carrier door, he leaped out and starting running around everywhere playing. He leaped on tables, on the couch, chased after his toys. I thought he’d just lay in one place and sleep because of his sore paws. Boy, was I wrong! He went right to his litter box and used it. He’s been playful and normal since then. You’d never even know anything happened to him. They gave me pain medication to give him, well, I had to chase him to catch him so I could give him the medication that it doesn’t even seem he needs.

    And for those of you who say cats can’t balance themselves without claws and have to re-learn how to walk…that’s a bunch of ___. My cat jumped and climbed all over the place, on the windowsill, the tables, top of the couch, with no problems. If he had no balance, he would have fallen and hit his head into something by now. I doubt he’d be able to jump up unto a narrow windowsill and balance himself if he was supposedly crippled without front claws.

  38. Hey, I was curious if there’s anyone out there who works at a vet and has their pet cat(s) declawed? My vet told me that it is perfectly find to have my cat declawed. Yet both the Dr and the tech own cats and none are declawed. If declawing is so fine for cats, then why don’t the vets out there declaw their own cats? It would comfort me to find out that there are vet staff out there that have declawed cats as pets. So, if anyone reads this blog and is a vet who owns a declawed pet cat, please, I’d love to hear your comments. Thanks!

  39. Sue, Both my cats are declawed and I’ve never noticed a difference with the before and after usage of litter. I went back to their usual litter (a non-clumping type) a couple weeks after the declaw. I don’t think it’s that unusual that a cat isn’t covering the poop. One of my cats does and the other doesn’t.

  40. did anyone that have declawed cats notice a difference in behavior towards the litter? im wondering if i should use a different litter now that they have been declawed for 2 months. they seem to not be covering their poop after they go which seems odd. any sugestions?

  41. i think that people get a little too emotional over decclawing cats. i have had cats all my life. I often have my friends tell me how well i take care of my pets. their like my children. and they are declawed. my cats were destroying my furniture. we (me and my cats) moved in with my fiance and he and i began arguing over the furniture. my cats are inside 90% of the time, so i seeked declawing them. yes, it was hard to see them in some pain. but it didn’t last long. there are no problem with our cats anymore. they often like to paw at my parakeet, and now i don’t have to worry about my bird getting hurt. Nor do i have to worry about little children getting scratched. i don’t think declawing is inhumane, i do think people declaw cats too frequently without trying to find a solution first. if you are going to declaw your cat, you need to find a reputable veternarian. the horror stories people hear about declawing mostly come from cats who have visited nonreputable vets. my vet saw that my cats were as comfortable as possible. and as far as going outside, my cats do. there is a big misconception on letting cats outside if their declawed. granted they only go outside when i’m home. cats fight with their rear claws, not their front. well, i’ve said my peace. people who have declawed cats do deeply love their pets. i know that my them purring and licking me every day.

  42. Well, since some people refuse to stick to the topic of this forum…how does everyone feel about the pitbull ban? 🙂

  43. Kittens don’t feel pain during or after declaw procedure. Like any surgery, anazthetics and pain meds are used. Like others have said, it’s minor surgery and it’s perfectly ok to have this done to your cat. This is 2008, NOT 1700!

  44. Hmm, a study done in Europe…pretty ironic, huh: Unborn Do Feel Pain (December 18)
    A new Swedish study says that unborn babies do in fact feel pain.
    According to a statement by a research institute in Sweden, “New measurement techniques show that even premature babies display all the signs of a conscious experience of pain.” Research shows that the brain develops much quicker than previously thought.
    It’s too bad the study was released a few days after the U.S. House fell short of getting the votes needed to pass the Unborn Pain Awareness Act. Sixty percent of our Representatives voted for it, but the rules in place required it to get a two-thirds majority vote.
    Source for some content:
    “Newborns probably able to feel pain: research”, Karolinska Institute in Sweden, AFP, 7 December 2006.

  45. Who said it was scientific “fact”, Obama? LOL

    Some scientific fact isn’t fact. They teach evolution in school as if it’s a fact, yet it’s a theory and always will be. The scientific “fact” Deb referenced is just a lie made up so doctors can continue making money off of ignorant people who choose to ignore right and wrong based on scientific “fact” to soothe their guilty consciences. Sounds like the days of Hitler, if you ask me. A real experience with real sounds made by real people in real pain is a lot more convincing than mere scientific “fact”.

    And it’s easier to believe what a real vet, Dr. DeLucia, says over a bunch of malarchi websites telling lies about declaw procedures. I know a personal friend who worked as a Vet tech. The kittens are asleep, and kept on pain meds the entire time they’re in the hospital. They are in no pain and are jumping around and playing within a day or 2. And THAT was 20 years ago! It couldn’t have gotten worse over the years…duh! There is no “bouncing off cage walls”, etc. That is a load of crap. She said their paws are sore, and no more. Now, I think it’s wiser to believe a real person, over some scientific “facts” and so-called websites.

    So, in Europe, it’s illegal, BIG WHOOP! I’d never base a decision on anything that goes on in Europe.

  46. Spunky, I did not say that most of the cats needing homes are declawed. I clearly stated that I see these declawed cats at the shelter. As for the other issue that does not belong on this forum: I work in the medical field so I do not need to do any research just to hear others opinions. If you wish to make commentary on that subject, you should really consider finding an appropriate forum that covers that topic. A movie will never be more convincing than scientific fact. Unless both you and Tracy are educated in the medical field, your squabbles don’t hold any merit. Also, in case YOU haven’t done your research, declawing is illegal in many countries. The ones that still do it, do it for the money because there is extremely high profit from this procedure. Now let’s all try to stay on topic. I came here to read about and discuss declawing. If I want to discuss abortion, I will go to the appropriate forum.

  47. Sorry Deb, but you’re not correct. Go check out most of the shelter websites, and notice that the majority of the cats that need homes are NOT declawed. Go figure! But of course, you won’t check it out. You refused to watch amovie made by a real doctor who performed a real abortion that disprovesyour belief that unborn babies don’t feel anything, so why would waste yourtime checking this out. You’d rather make statements that aren’t true thento do research to find out that maybe they are not true, as you may think. At least Tracy gave reference to why what she said was true. And most ofthe animal activists who say all this stuff about cat declawing have noproof either. The only real proof I see that has been given is by thepeople who are for declawing. Again, go figure. Maybe that’s one reasonvets who perform real declaw procedures haven’t stopped declawing cats,because they know that it is minor and animal activists areover-exagerating just to make a point, that of course, has no validity.

  48. If it makes you feel like a bigger and better person to start childish name-calling for no reason, then you just do that. If you wish to discuss abortion, maybe you should find an appropriate forum on that topic. Declawing is not a minor procedure and it does NOT keep cats in loving homes. Love, respect and responsibility keep cats in loving homes. No wonder I see so many declawed cats at the shelter! No wonder.

  49. It’s still MURDER, and that doesn’t make it right. Declawing is a minor SURGERY to keep cats in a loving home, and there is nothing wrong with it! I’ll say it again, animal rights activists, you are all hypocritical. I’m getting my kitten declawed in 3 months and have no guilt now and will have none afterwards. So, animal activists, stop wasting your time making people feel guilty for doing so, it’s NOT working! 🙂

  50. I can honestly say I have been reading these comments and I’m laughing. I’m laughing at the fact that two people are fighting over stuff. I’m laughing because one you two don’t know each other two I’m laughing because it is stupid and immature to fight or argue over the internet. I’m laughing because everyone is intitled to their own opinion yet everyone is getting all upset over stuff that can’t be prevented. Common this is a great site it helped me to decide to get my cat declawed which i’m going to do soon. Lets not bring drama in here!!

  51. Tracy, you should really learn to speak for yourself. And when the hell did I say I cared more about saving the whales than saving humans? I also don’t care about any movies. The fact remains that until the brain and nerves are developed, one is incapable of feeling pain. You believe whatever you want, but it will never change fact.

  52. Oh yeah, Deb? You don’t think babies feel any pain…Watch the movie “Silent Cry” and then come back on here and tell me they don’t feel any pain! And besides, it’s MURDER, NOT minor surgery! Don’t you dare say they don’t feel any pain.
    And it has everything to do with declawing kittens. You care more about saving the whales and not harming animals than you do about saving humans and not harming them. Millions of babies are being murdered every day and animal activists don’t care one bit. But God forbid someone steps on a mouse or shoots a rat. Or someone decides to declaw a kitten who suffers no pain because they are given pain meds. Like I said, hypocritical!

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