Tires Plus

So about a week ago I bought 4 brand new tires from Tires Plus.  I came out of the transaction several dollars lighter but was figuring that I would have great tires for the snow and just in general.  I kept that idea until this past Saturday where I barely hit the edge of a pot hole going around a curve and instantaneously my front right tire was completely flat.  Not fun when I realized my dollars just went down the drain.  So my husband and I got to learn how to change a tire (not a hard task by any means) and then we drove home and called Tires Plus hoping there would be some recourse so that I didn’t have to pay completely for a new tire.  I called them and the first thing they state was that if I would have bought roadside hazard insurance it would have been completely covered.  I felt my heart sink because I was never offered that.  They said to bring the car in though and they would work something out.  So I brought it in and told them I was never offered the roadside hazard insurance.  The manager took blame for that and said that because I wanted such particular tire he never thought to offer me it.  He stated though he would work me a deal and also get the roadside hazard insurance added to my tires.  He never said what kind of deal though so I was a little nervous.  So when I went back on Monday to pick up my tire I was very very surprised and happy to see that he didn’t charge me anything for the tire or to put it on the only thing I got charged for was the roadside hazard insurance.  Let me tell you thats GREAT Customer Service…. I would recommend them any day.

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