Cats in Christmas Trees

Well if you have read my blog at all you know I have two cats which most of the time is wonderful.  This year though we were a little nervous.  Chunk our newest addition is having his first year with a Christmas tree.  We were hoping and praying that he was nothing like our other cat Sassy who absolutely loves to climb Christmas trees.  Can you imagine trying to fight off two cats from climbing and playing in a Christmas tree?  My worst nightmare.  For the past 2 years that we have had sassy we have had a fake Christmas tree.  Whenever we put this tree up she gets very excited because she knows what she will soon be doing.  Climbing!  We have tried spraying her with water, yelling, and locking her away but nothing has seemed to work.  So when I realized this year I was going to have to deal with two cats in the tree I was a little worried.  We put the tree up two weekends ago and luckily so far Chunk is not interested in climbing it just eating it.  The other night though Sassy decided to climb the tree all the way to the top while we were trying to sleep.  We heard her and as my husband went to get her out all I could hear was the whole tree shaking and ornaments falling to the ground.  I worry that one of these days she is going to tip the tree over…  So today I went to Petsmart and found a spray called "Boundary".  It says supposedly all I need to do is spray the tree and the floor around it to deter the cats from going in that area.  So far here is what I have found…. Sassy went over to the tree about an hour after I sprayed it and tried to go under to climb but she sniffed something and turned and ran the other way…. So so far this seems to work.  Tonight will be the true test.  One thing I have to say though is this stuff doesn’t smell the best but if you can get over a little time of not smelling good and putting it on every day it seems so far to work.  I will update tomorrow with the true test results from tonight!

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