United Airlines-Overbooking

This past week for work I flew to Colorado and it wasn’t a great experience. Everyone at work had warned me that one of the flights I would take wouldn’t be great because it was winter but that was just one of the problems. First, The flight from Minneapolis airport to Denver was fine not a complaint in the world, smoothest landing I have ever had in a plane. But then the trouble began when we got to Denver and needed to continue on. We were in one of those little 2 prop planes with 2 seats on one side and one on the other and only a few rows. Well apparently they booked 31 people but this plane can only hold 27 but then besides that its weight restricted to 23 people. Well my co-worker and I got there and he was weight restricted. Now this was a problem since the car at the other end was in his name and we had business meetings arranged for 7 the next morning and they were telling him that he wouldn’t be able to fly in until noon the next day. My main complaint was this same thing had happened the last time I flew with them. Why can’t they seem to figure out not to over book so much. Well next I was getting on the plane and we all got deboarded as now there were mechanical problems. Not fun. Finally after a 20 minute wait we all got boarded even my co-worker at the last minute. Then comes the fun plane ride! It was the worst flight I had ever been on!!! Oh well made it safe and sound at least. So to say the least I wasn’t looking forward to my flight back on Friday. Well our first flight in the little airplane actually wasn’t bad at all! Then we got to Denver and I didn’t figure we would have any problems. I was wrong! They apparently had an over booking on available planes and therefore didn’t have any planes for us to fly in. When we got off the small plane we were 30 minutes delayed but by the time we got to our gate we were and hour delayed. Finally an hour after we were supposed to take off we got on our plane only to sit in the warm, not ventilated airplane for 45 minutes as they kept saying we will go shortly. Don’t tell me we are going to leave shortly if we aren’t. Airlines need to learn some customer service I think because these flights were just ridiculous!!!

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  1. Found your site while googling “overbooking” “United”. We’ve had same experience twice with United. My husband traveling on business got stranded in middle of nowhere twice. First time, I was pretty forgiving, but the second time, I figured that it was not an accident that this occured to us twice. So I called UA and found out that “to protect the airline” they “have to overbook, because some passengers don’t show up.” Well, apparently they don’t care about our lives and plans, though if you miss a flight because of your error, they would NEVER refund the money. My suggestion to ALL– DON’T FLY UNITED!!!!!!!

  2. Your experience with United is apparently commonplace. This airlines has a consumer be damned attitude.

  3. Came across your blog while researching “overbooking” and its legality. I can’t believe its still legal!? I got bumped 2 days ago, in Colorado, by United! I’ve had my ticket for nearly 3 months now & I ended up missing an important test in Microbiology which will reflect in my GPA after the point detraction. I was forced to stay in Podunk Hayden overnight. Sorry about your experience. Maybe law will change. Katie

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