Flying with an infant under 12 months

So we just booked a trip to fly to San Diego from Minneapolis with three adults and my daughter who will be just under 12 months at the time.  The flight is 3 hours and 45 minutes.  I’m very nervous about flying with her as I don’t want her crying the whole trip and disturbing everyone on the flight… Any advice as to what to take, what to know what to plan for?  My husband has already asked the question about what we do if we need to change her diaper… but any advice I would greatly appreciate!

United Airlines-Overbooking

This past week for work I flew to Colorado and it wasn’t a great experience. Everyone at work had warned me that one of the flights I would take wouldn’t be great because it was winter but that was just one of the problems. First, The flight from Minneapolis airport to Denver was fine not a complaint in the world, smoothest landing I have ever had in a plane. But then the trouble began when we got to Denver and needed to continue on. We were in one of those little 2 prop planes with 2 seats on one side and one on the other and only a few rows. Well apparently they booked 31 people but this plane can only hold 27 but then besides that its weight restricted to 23 people. Well my co-worker and I got there and he was weight restricted. Now this was a problem since the car at the other end was in his name and we had business meetings arranged for 7 the next morning and they were telling him that he wouldn’t be able to fly in until noon the next day. My main complaint was this same thing had happened the last time I flew with them. Why can’t they seem to figure out not to over book so much. Well next I was getting on the plane and we all got deboarded as now there were mechanical problems. Not fun. Finally after a 20 minute wait we all got boarded even my co-worker at the last minute. Then comes the fun plane ride! It was the worst flight I had ever been on!!! Oh well made it safe and sound at least. So to say the least I wasn’t looking forward to my flight back on Friday. Well our first flight in the little airplane actually wasn’t bad at all! Then we got to Denver and I didn’t figure we would have any problems. I was wrong! They apparently had an over booking on available planes and therefore didn’t have any planes for us to fly in. When we got off the small plane we were 30 minutes delayed but by the time we got to our gate we were and hour delayed. Finally an hour after we were supposed to take off we got on our plane only to sit in the warm, not ventilated airplane for 45 minutes as they kept saying we will go shortly. Don’t tell me we are going to leave shortly if we aren’t. Airlines need to learn some customer service I think because these flights were just ridiculous!!!


As mentioned in the earlier post my husband and I were having issues with Northwest Airlines and getting our tickets booked using our gift certificates.  After my last post we called and got our tickets booked with the gift certificate and the lady who I booked them through said I would receive an e-ticket shortly.  Much to my dismay the next day I didn’t have anything.  A week later I still didn’t have anything and they hadn’t charged my credit card.  So I emailed the company telling them about all my problems I had been going through.  After much email back and forth they said my tickets should arrive in 24-48 hours.  Ha yea right they would.  Nope another week passed and I was not happy at all because its now 3 weeks till we fly to St Louis and still nothing.  I decided I would give them one last chance to redeem themselves and issue the tickets before I would look elsewhere for new tickets.  I sent them a scathing email and threatened to look elsewhere and what do you know I got an immediate response stating my tickets would be issued shortly and this time they were.  They never apologized or explained why I went through so much hassle.  All I can say is that this time I will think twice about booking through them.  As I am not impressed with their service. 

Northwest Airlines

I am very dissapointed with Northwest Airlines.  We received a gift certificate last Christmas from my parents and decided to use it to fly for Thanksgiving.  Well when we were trying to book our tickets online it asked for a redemption code which our gift certificate didn’t have.  We then called Northwest who was very rude and told us they didn’t have it we were supposed to have it.  Then proceeded to put my husband on hold.  When they came back on he asked if that was something they could look up based on gift certificate number, once again they were rude and just put him on hold.  This time for 20 minutes.  He finally got frustrated and hung up.  We are going to try again on Monday maybe it was just the weekend people but right now thats frustrating especially since they are really trying to get people to fly with them because of the strike and bankruptcy.  We’ll see what happens this week as I don’t have to fly with them, I have been on much better!

Midwest Airlines

This week I flew to Ohio from Minnesota on Midwest Airlines and was I surprised.  They are excellent their seats are bigger than most airlines giving you extra space and they are all leather making them more comfortable.  Plus unlike some airlines you get hot fresh chocolate cookies and plus usually another snack also.  The service was also very friendly.  The only hesitation I had with them is that when I booked my flight it stated it flew out of the Lindbergh Terminal and they actually fly out of Humphrey so that was slightly problematic. Overall I would highly reccomend flying with them!