Northwest Airlines

I am very dissapointed with Northwest Airlines.  We received a gift certificate last Christmas from my parents and decided to use it to fly for Thanksgiving.  Well when we were trying to book our tickets online it asked for a redemption code which our gift certificate didn’t have.  We then called Northwest who was very rude and told us they didn’t have it we were supposed to have it.  Then proceeded to put my husband on hold.  When they came back on he asked if that was something they could look up based on gift certificate number, once again they were rude and just put him on hold.  This time for 20 minutes.  He finally got frustrated and hung up.  We are going to try again on Monday maybe it was just the weekend people but right now thats frustrating especially since they are really trying to get people to fly with them because of the strike and bankruptcy.  We’ll see what happens this week as I don’t have to fly with them, I have been on much better!

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  1. Whatever ended up happening with this? I am going through the same thing with NWA with a travel voucher. It asks for the “redemption code,” which is found no-where on the voucher itself.!!??!

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