As mentioned in the earlier post my husband and I were having issues with Northwest Airlines and getting our tickets booked using our gift certificates.  After my last post we called and got our tickets booked with the gift certificate and the lady who I booked them through said I would receive an e-ticket shortly.  Much to my dismay the next day I didn’t have anything.  A week later I still didn’t have anything and they hadn’t charged my credit card.  So I emailed the company telling them about all my problems I had been going through.  After much email back and forth they said my tickets should arrive in 24-48 hours.  Ha yea right they would.  Nope another week passed and I was not happy at all because its now 3 weeks till we fly to St Louis and still nothing.  I decided I would give them one last chance to redeem themselves and issue the tickets before I would look elsewhere for new tickets.  I sent them a scathing email and threatened to look elsewhere and what do you know I got an immediate response stating my tickets would be issued shortly and this time they were.  They never apologized or explained why I went through so much hassle.  All I can say is that this time I will think twice about booking through them.  As I am not impressed with their service. 

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