Mountainair Animal Shelter: Can you help?

I received the below email today from a close friend of mine and I know I care deeply about all animals and therefore I thought I would post the email and a link to the pictures.  I know there are alot of people out there who care about animals and its sad that places like this exist.  The animals don’t stand a chance!  I know there are probably more out there but this one I’m aware of and so I thought I would post about it.  If you can help please do….

Construction of a new Animal Shelter for the Town of Mountainair -a community project initiated and coordinated by Deer Canyon Preserve homeowners.

The idea for this project arose when members of the Deer Canyon Community realized the inadequacy of the present Animal shelter and the fact that there is no money in the current or proposed Town budget earmarked to address this need. The existing facility, on town land beside the Rodeo Grounds, consists of 5 small unheated pens with minimal runs. The lack of fencing makes vandalism and harassment of the animals persistent problems. Our local animals in need deserve better treatment.

After discussions with the mayor and town animal control officer, a committee of Deer Canyon homeowners was formed. A quote for a 28×52 steel building with 12 dog pens, a cattery, quarantine room, food storage room, and office space came in at just under $16,000. Even with some donated materials and extensive volunteer labor, costs for site preparation (including bringing electricity to the building), the cement pad, inside finish work, and exterior fencing will probably bring the total cost of the project to $30,000. The Walkathon scheduled for Sunday, October 18 at 9:00 am to begin at the Preserve Center just inside the north gate to Deer Canyon Preserve will kick off fundraising efforts for the project. The entry fee for walkers is $20.00 and we hope all who sign up for the 5-mile walk on Deer Canyon Preserve roads will solicit donations from among their family and friends so that their efforts will pay off far beyond the entry fee.

Mountainair is a small town, the town closest to the Preserve, which the Preserve residents will frequent for their supplies. No McMansions. Families have lived there for a very long time, and there are several artists to add some wonderful interest, but little money. In other words, limited support for the needs of 4-legged residents. I walked the 5 miles this morning – YIKES – not Florida flatland. However, it was so beautiful. After the walk, the town “dogcatcher” opened the “dogpound” and it is so sad. The animal control officer for the town is a young gal who says she is only supposed to spend 1 hour a day cleaning-up after the dogs, feeding and exercising them. She says she gets many strays and abused animals that there is no room to take care of cats with the dogs, and she has no time to try to work with the animals to get them to be able to socialize. There is no electricity, the animals are at the mercy of the weather. Walmart is donating food.

All the TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations to this fundraising event will be used for construction costs. There are many local neglected animals that desperately need our help but cannot ask for themselves. Please be generous.

Make checks payable to the Town of Mountainair and indicate Animal Shelter Fund on the memo line. Mail your donation to Mountainair Animal Shelter Fund, PO Box 496, Mountainair, NM 87036 – or hand deliver the form and your donation to the Deer Canyon Preserve Office (105 E. Broadway) or to any Deer Canyon homeowner. For more information about this project, contact Dee Melaragno, 505-847-0402, [email protected].

I have to add, unless you look, you don’t realize everywhere is not as good as your own neighborhood. Remember, the critters just want to be friends, but need some basic food, shelter and respect for their needs.

Changing your Job-What’s the fastest way to find a new job?

So on Monday I decided that it was time to change my job (problems at my current employer).  Therefore I gave my notice on Monday for two weeks.  I had been working at a Non-Profit as a Financial Reporting Manager.  Normally when I have done this before I have always found a job before giving my notice but this time I wasn’t able to do that.  I am working with a recruiter from Robert Half and I’m searching on Career Builder and Monster.  Does any one have any other ideas as to ways to find a job.  I’m definitely not desperate for a new job as I am planning on not starting at least until January 3rd but I just want to cover all my bases!  Any advice I would appreciate!

Illinios Help-A-Pet Program

I wrote earlier about how I thought it would be great to start a non-profit organization to be able to help people who have pets but cannot necessarily afford the veterinary care they might need. So I went looking online to see if such a place existed and what do you know it does. It is almost exactly what I was thinking about starting only in Illinois. Its called Help-A-Pet and every dollar that you donate to them goes straight to help the animals. They are doing exactly what I was thinking where they have voluntary vets and they have people apply for the vet help. There are a couple of things that I would do differently but its great to see that something like that is out there. I wonder if such a place exists in Minnesota?

Non-Profit to Benefit Animals and their Owners

Last week I took one of my cats for his yearly update of shots and checkup and I came up with an idea. I wish somewhere there was a non-profit for people who can’t necessarily afford to take their animals to the vet when they should, whether its for an animal needs their yearly shots or a surgery. Its not that I can’t afford to take my animals in but I do know allot of people who love their animals dearly and have no problem feeding and housing them but they might not be able to take them to the vets like they should. Lets be honest its expensive to go the vet even for the routine things. I took my cat in for an annual check up and 3 shots and it was a $100. Thats not cheap. I would think that in the beginning you could find vets to donate their time to the cause but as this non-profit grew you should be able to employ vets for this cause. I don’t know if a place like this exists already or how you would even start a place like this but I think its a great idea to help out people who love their animals dearly but may not be able to help them in all the ways that they want to. What do you think does a place like this exist? If not how would one go about starting it?