Update-Broken Ankle-1 Year later

So its been about a 1 year (and a month) since I completely broke my ankle (broke every bone and dislocated it) and I’m proud to say my ankle is basically healed. I have scars on both sides of my ankle and it still swells bigger than my non-broken ankle but overall I can do everything again that I could do before I broke it. In fact I have started running at the Gym and it holds up well. Every so often my ankle will tell me if I’ve done too much by causing some pain or if the weather is changing. I still have all of the metal in my ankle as I figure that I’m going to at least enjoy the summer before deciding if I want to get the metal removed or not. Any of you out there who have broken an ankle before do you still have the metal or not? Is it as simple a procedure as the doctor says to remove it? Do I have to go back on crutches at all?

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  1. I fractured on 09.12.2015..did ORIF on 10th…medial maleolus surgery with 2 screws inserted..its my 4th week now..I still have my hardware inside..dr recommended non weight bearing fr 6 weeks..

  2. i took the metal out six mnts later all it did was swell before it was removed. that’s because my ankle was so tiny as compared to the hardware. I could see the screws and pins through my skin

  3. Hi I broke my ankel in jan my cast is out 5 days now. My ankel does not pain when I put pressure but the front n back does unable to walk without the clutches. How long till I walk normally.

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