Update-Broken Ankle-1 Year later

So its been about a 1 year (and a month) since I completely broke my ankle (broke every bone and dislocated it) and I’m proud to say my ankle is basically healed. I have scars on both sides of my ankle and it still swells bigger than my non-broken ankle but overall I can do everything again that I could do before I broke it. In fact I have started running at the Gym and it holds up well. Every so often my ankle will tell me if I’ve done too much by causing some pain or if the weather is changing. I still have all of the metal in my ankle as I figure that I’m going to at least enjoy the summer before deciding if I want to get the metal removed or not. Any of you out there who have broken an ankle before do you still have the metal or not? Is it as simple a procedure as the doctor says to remove it? Do I have to go back on crutches at all?

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  1. I broke my foot in two places still hav the screws and plate but it is still hard on me its swells like a balloon and its hard for me to walk on it and idk what to do about it can someone tell me what should I do about it

  2. Broke my ankle July 4th 2013…. Started out with a long cast. 10 days later was put in a short cast.
    I don’t understand much of what happened to my ankle but all I know is that I had a small fractureon my fibula and torn ligaments behind my ankle and on the inside of the ankle..very anxious to walk again and go back to work. Since I didn’t have surgery (thank God) what can I expect as far as recovery and returning to normal activities…to everyone that had posted on here thanks for the 411 and hope all is well for everyone…

  3. hello , yesterday 11 th july i met with an accident and i was the one who was driving..and was hurt with minor injuries but my friend but my friend s left leg s anklet have been dislocated and fractured..will please any body say is this a major operation and can she overcome it soon…

  4. Hello, I have read several of your comments and figured I may as well put my story on here as well. In Feb. of 2012 I broke my ankle in 4 places at work. It happened when a 2 ton electric pallet jack I was riding on bumped into a warehouse shelving rack, I lost my balance and stepped off, I let go of the handle which you must have held down at a 45 degree angle and twist where you hold to make it move but when I stepped off but for some reason the machine lurched forward about 6 inches sucking my foot under it and pinning me to the ground. It turned my right foot about 100 degrees to the right as I landed on my back, so it was a very severe injury. I had 4 major breaks and 1 big chip. I now have 8 shorter screws on one side with a 6 inch steel plate and 2 longer screws on the other side holding my foot togeather. When I first got to the hospital they had an orthopedic surgeon come into the er room I was in, he took one look at me and said, “I’m going to have to try to set this”. I asked for something to bite on knowing that it was going to be excrutiatingly painful but instead of giving me anything he just grabbed my foot and told me to try to pull my knee up to my chest. At that point he very roughly just started to twist my foot back into position, I heard several snapping and cracking sounds and felt white hot pain shoot all the way up my leg. I couldn’t hold back the screams of agony, I dont know if this is “standard practice” but I really wish they would have knocked me out before attepting that as I still have nightmares of that experience from time to time. When I awoke they had me in a big cast which I later found out was really just an ace bandage, splint, and heavy cotton wrap. It took 2 weeks for the swelling to go down enough for them to give me the external fixator which as I’m sure you all know is a very unpleasent aparatus to have sticking out of you. After a month with that thing in I finally had the surgery to remove the frankenstein thing and have the metal hardware put in. Since then It has been a fairly slow recovery, even now almost a year and a half later I still have pretty severe pain when walking or standing for more then a couple of hours. I recieved a $7,135.00 settlement for this accident and about 6 months of workers compensation but feel as though with the amount of pain i’ve endured and continue to endure and probably will have to deal with for the rest of my life, that this is pretty poor compensation. I guess I am lucky in the respect that if this type of injury would have happened to me even 100 years ago I may never have walked again or worse could possibly have had my foot amputated. But I still feel that because of this injury I will never be able to enjoy the active life style I did before, Hiking for many miles at least at this point is out of the question, biking on rough terrain probably wouldn’t be very pleasureable. And honestly I dont even know if I could go back to the type of heavy lifting, fast paced type of job I prefer to work. I dont know. All I can say is it really sort of sucks and I really hope it gets better as time goes on because It has really been a bad experience all around. Thank you If you read this far and I hope your experience is better then mine. God Bless.

  5. I broke my ankle two years ago still have the plates in I say your better off to keep them in then take it out. I’m like 1 % robot now

  6. To Nicole from 9/2012; GOD Is Able! HE Is an All, Possible, Always, GOD, None like HIM in all the world. I have something Great for you if you would like. I have been done suffering from a broken right ankle since My birthday in July of 2012 and because of GOD all is looking up. My email is [email protected]. Contacting Me.

  7. I posted in January just to say hello to old friends on here. At that time I indicated that about 4 1/2 years later, complete with stainless steel rod and screws,,that my ankle was doing well. How quickly things can change. Five days ago, I slipped on some ice and now have a broken left wrist. ARGGG. It is nowhere near as painful or debilitating as my ankle was, but I have to admit that I am less than happy,frustrated and just want to rip this cast, which reaches from knuckles almost to armpits,,right off.

    So considering that I have been the most cautious woman on earth ,,, holding railings and everything , since my ankle break, how did I allow this to happen…

    Best of the season to you all. My husband will be cooking his first turkey this year, Cheers, Lois the first.,

  8. After 8 months of breaking both my ankles and left wrist in a car accident. I decided to check out pain from metal plates and how long they last. I read a lot of stories on here. And some are similar to mine. On January 3,2012 I was in an accident and broke my left ankle and “shattered” my right ankle. I also broke my left wrist. I had surgery on January 7th. I was in surgery for 5 hours. They put 3 metal plates in my right ankle and screws, 2 pins in my left ankle, and 2 titanium plates in my left wrist. Surgery went well. After that I was in a wheel chair for 3 months. I had to be in a rehabilitation center to learn how to slide with a board from my bed to my wheel chair to my comode and back. It was very challenging. After I learned that I was sent home. Which my insurance got me a hospital bed that moved up and down so it was easier to slide to my chair. I also had a nurse, pt, and ot come to my house weekly. In March they put these black boots on me to teach me to walk with a walker. Which felt weird for awhile. Cuz I was off balance. The first time I walked I cried. It was very emotional to go from sitting for 3 months, to trying to walk. In April I got my left cam boot off. In may I got the right one off. Also I used a jaz splint to bend and stretch my wrist because it would not move. Even though I got my cam boot off my right ankle. It still hurt a lot. And they had me wear it if I walked anywhere long distance or if I left the house. I was hoping I would have gone to work in June, then July, then August…The reason I didn’t work was due to the pain in my right ankle. It was horrid. I got tendinitis in my back of my ankle due to pushing it to hard. and i had to ice it and put a heat pad on it. Then the tendinitis and chin splints hit the front of my leg and ankle. Finally September 8th I returned to work. I cannot supervise anymore. I am just a normal associate. Which is ok cuz I knew I couldn’t run around like I used to. Work is very difficult. My right ankle and my wrist hurts constantly. I wish It would just feel better. I came to this website hoping to find out when this will get better. At a year, two, or longer. But it looks like its going to be a battle for the rest of my life. And I am only 24 years old. Thanks for listening to me. To everyone that knows what I am going through. I believe it will get better for a of us. Just stay positive. That’s what kept me going through this painful year. God bless you all. 🙂

  9. Four years ago I slipped and the tibia snapped and pierced thru skin and had open fracture as well as broken ankle. I was casavaced from zambia to south Africa
    The open fracture had a Kci pump on it for 3 weeks to encourage skin growth and to pump out the fleshy muck before plastic surgery. It felt like a thousand mice nibbling on raw flesh however after crying and being depressed I decided to make the pump my friend and used breathing techniques to manage the discomfort of this drainage process. 45 days elevation and not allowed out of bed. Bed pans and bed baths. Once plastic surgery cover on the open wound was done the pin to release me to walk was removed. A plate and screws were on the right side where the Fibia broke.
    When the pin was removed there was infection and so the surgeon re cut down to the bone along the ankle and leg to check that it hadn’t spread. Another 10 days in hospital.

    Mobilizing in the boot was t he scariest thing and crutches I was so useless with!

    I had to make a flight home. I visualized walking without a limp and after 3 months walked perfectly. The pain was managed with painkillers and the antibiotics for infection were the downside.

    Being very active people Couldn’t believe how long it was taking to heal. Well when u r in pain u live for the next pain killer. I feel reassured to read here that people were teary and I must say I felt so vulnerable and all suppressed emotions just flowed out! Friends called it the 702 howling club!

    Great hospital, a surgeon who paid attention and nurses who I made friends with made the experience very special. Prayer, focus and knowing that the hospitalization and recovery was temporary was what kept me going.

    I must add that the plastic surgeon was rather rough and told me that my foot was a threatened amputation and that the dr wasn’t being up front. I had the patience to endure every step because I was not ready to deal with an amputation.

    Next week I am now brave enough to consult on the removal of the hardware. I cannot wear closed shoes for long. When I stand and walk for long periods I am in pain and the change of weather really makes the ankle sore. I am thankful for my miracle foot and believe that healing cannot be rushed. What is 3 months in your life really to heal properly. The realization now 4 years later is that my foot will never be like it was.

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  11. Broke my left ankle while roller skating with my daughter in 2007. I became the proud owner of a titanium plate and 6 screws. I went to the Orthopedic surgeon this morning for a different complaint (knee) and asked him to check on my hardware. He said it was still intact and looked good. I then asked him about having it removed, he told me that for every 5 lbs you lose it removes 20 lbs of pressure from your knees. (i’m not overweight) and that it was my choice weather to have it removed or not. I told him it has not given me any problems ever, he said that was a good thing. I asked him if the hardware made the ankle stronger, he told me not really as bone regenerates. he explained that the process of having it removed would put me back in an air cast for about 2 weeks. I’m 44 years old. Any advice? Currently it doesn’t impact my life in anyway shape or form so i’m considering leaving it in

  12. Hi guys i never thought i’d b commenting on this kind of site and subject. I can relate to all of you in a way. I broke my tibia and the other bone and now i have 2 plates and 15 screws which im having removed tomorrow 2/3/2012. Idk if anyone belives in a God or anything but i believe in only one God, Jesus Christ. And i know for all of you and me this is a very hard and painful time and it seems like it will never go away. But as i read this passage in a Bible it gives me hope 🙂 Isaiah 40:31 (but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.They will soar on wings like eagles;they will run and not grow weary,they will walk and not be faint.) Just say a quick prayer n He will help you! you have nothing to loose. ..

  13. broke ankle about 8 yrs ago, even when i got surgery one of the 7 screws was not in all the way or broke in half. I forget which one, the doctor showed me the xrays and said its fine, 6 solid screws are enough and to not worry about it. im also 80lbs fatter so that might help either. for the first time since i broke it I have had pain for like 4 days in a row. usually its for one day once in a blue moon. I hope its cause the weather is so crazy cold warm and moist. I aslo swells once in a while, I rarely notice it. any healthy suggestions. Is weight really a issue? I mean they are titanium rods, they should be strong enough.

  14. Hi, everyone! I can’t believe that this is the first time that I have looked to see other people’s experiences. I should have done this years ago! I am a 54 year old teacher, and I broke my ankle 6 1/2 years ago. I was two rungs up a ladder cutting small tree limbs. One limb snapped like an arm and knocked me off the ladder. I had a plate and seven screws. Terrible, terrible pain; not able to work this whole time. My doctor told me that the metal would not come out. It was three years after I had it in that someone told me I could have it taken out. I have no insurance; it took another 3 1/2 years to get the money to have the metal out. Yes, you SHOULD get it out if you have serious pain! I could tell right away that the pain in my foot was MUCH better after the surgery. It has been five weeks since surgery. I have to wait two more weeks until I start physical therapy. Last time, I was casted for so long that my foot would barely move. I have a removal cast; not going to let that happen again. Wiggling my toes constantly, and doing a little bending and moving. I thought I was prepared for what this second surgery would be like. I didn’t realize that the second time is basically just like the first time, without the really traumatic pain you have the first time. It’s going to take a lot longer than I thought. However, there was NO chance of me having a normal life with the chronic pain I was suffering. I think it would have helped me if I had found this site before my metal removal. I hope my experience will shed some light on broken ankles and metal removal. I will post again after I start physical therapy to let you all know just how long it takes me to get back up and going. Good luck to all of you – take it one day at a time, but be proactive!

  15. Hi
    Thought I would share my experiences – I had a Maisonneuve Fracture back in Jan 2011. The surgeon immediately repaired the ligaments but did not screw syndesmosis or plate the fibula. Resulting in a second surgery 6 months later as I found out the ankle was out of position, I was in agony. This time I had 6 screws and plate put in. Then I developed a serious pseudomonas infection – resulting in re-opening wound and draining, took three months to heal, I still have a dent in my leg where the hole was. I am facing my 4th surgery next month to get the screws taken out as one has broken and the fibula which had to have an osteotomy to get ankle back into position, has not healed. Depending on the outcome, I may need another plate or bone graft. I am in daily pain, but just starting to walk properly and go up and downstairs without help. This really is a serious injury, people find it hard to believe that a simple “broken ankle” cuases so much trouble. I am in my 50’s and will probably develop arthritis. I take calcium and magnesium supplements along with glucosamine. I recently moved back upstairs after living downstairs for almost a year (I could not access the shower in the main bathroom, there is so much pleasure in a real shower! I cannot wear heels any more, my calf has withered away, I am having lots of therapy and doing exercises every day, Im told it will come back. Visually, I have one “cankle” and one ankle, but I dont care what it looks like any more. All in all, it has been a year of hell and I only got through it with the help of my husband and friends. Just keep looking for the light at the end of the tunnel – and always push your medical expert for information!

  16. Hi, I was really happy to find this blog and it is my first time commenting. I shattered my ankle (broke it in 3 places) on January 7, 2011 and had surgery the next day to insert plates, screws and the external fixator, which I guess holds everything together. My orthopedic surgeon said it was one of the worst breaks he’d ever seen in 30 years of practice and equated the severity of the injury to having been dropped out of plane (even though the injury was a fairly “simple” fall on the icy walkway at my condo (which eventually led to a diagnosis of borderline osteoporosis, since the injury should not otherwise have been so severe). In any event, now that it has been a bit over a year, I can say, I NEVER, EVER expected that this injury would be so serious and disabling for such a considerable period of time. In the course of events, I had the surgically implanted external fixator for about a month, then additional surgery to remove the external fixator, which was replaced with a cast. For the first 3 or so months, I was actually in a wheelchair, followed by a walker for another 2 or 3 months, followed by a cane for another couple of months. I haven’t needed the cane now for a couple months and am just being to appear to walk normally, after a full year. I still can’t run — my ankle is too stiff — and one side of my ankle with the plate is still quite bruised and painful, if I touch it. I don’t know if this is normal, after a year, but I have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon in a few weeks and will ask him then. Some final thoughts: this is NOT the minor injury I thought it was when I first heard the words, “broken ankle”, and you should take it very seriously. You will really need a lot of help from your spouse, family, friends (for example, someone needs to clean the stitches and screws, help you shower, dress, shop for food, perform routine household chores like laundry and change the bedlinens, walk the dogs, cook, fetch things for you, etc.). Don’t be shy about asking for and receiving help because there will be a lot to do that you are not for the time being capable of doing. Also, if you use a wheelchair and/or walker(better than crutches, which hurt), make sure to get the kind with a basket because you are going to want to carry things like food, beverages, papers, books, etc. Buy a shower seat; you will not want to stand for long and you will need to shampoo your hair, shave your legs, etc. Buy compression stockings (from medical supply companies on the internet) to keep the swelling down; they are a pain (literally) to put on, but they will help the swelling. I used a brand called T.E.D. stockings, but I am sure there are others as good. If you are in pain, use your prescribed painkillers. Be careful with Percocet, which I had trouble withdrawing from after 2 months of use. I was then prescribed Vicodin, which although not as effective as a painkiller for me, was quite easy to discontinue once I did not need it for pain. Consider taking a Percocet or Vicodin before attending physical therapy; physical therapy hurts, especially when the therapist “massages” the ankle to “break up” the swelling. I was also given Ambien sleep tabs because I found the injured ankle very uncomfortable, which made it difficult to sleep. I have been able to get off Ambien fairly easily, as well. So best of luck to you all. I hope your recovery is easier than mine has been and it may very well be: I am in my mid-50’s, so my age and the borderline osteoporosis diagnosis have probably made my situtation a little more problematic than most. Again, lots of luck to everyone!

  17. I have 2 screws in my ankle as a result of a compound fracture of the tibula. I have arthritis and limp on and off due to weather or alot of activity. I waitress treadmill aerobics ect. Always wonder if I’d be better off without the screws inside. Has anyone had theirs removed?? Did it improve the mobility or stiffness??

  18. I blacked out in April of 2009 and fell dislocating my tibia bone came through skin and also broke my ankle in 2 places. I had plate, rod and 6 screws put in. Had hardware taken out in October of 2010. Can’t wear heel but can workout and run. Still have some pain when the weather changes. Doctor said pain that I have other time is scar tissue

  19. I can’t believe how much breaking your ankle affects your life, but I am finally almost done with the whole thing thank goodness. I broke my ankle in October 2010 ice skating (didn’t fall that hard, but had to wait for 5 minutes for help since I wasn’t crying) everyone tried to convince me I shouldn’t go to the ER, but I did because I have overlooked broken bones in the past due to high pain tolerance. It turns out I broke my fibula, which wasn’t bad but I had to have emergency surgery because I also dislocated my tibia(oddly enough it didn’t actually break?)So I had a plate and 6 screws placed in the outside of my right ankle, I was out of comission for over two months which was horrible, going to a two story high school and such. I did physical therapy after cast removal and that helped. my ankle is pretty good, but I am getting the hardware removed next week, because in -50F weather it’s hard to live with metal protruding from under the skin. I am 18, so I am really glad to be getting the metal out since the recovery should be easier, and this whole ordeal will finally be over with.

  20. I broke both ankles on Nov 27 and had surgery on one ankle the 28th. I broke the one 3 places the inside, outside and bottom of shin along with dislocation. Had plate and 7 screws. The left ankle only required an air cast. The outside bone chipped but still hurts. So far I know I’ll be on cast for 3 months. I’m 52 and lost job over this. I had no idea the long healing process. Now I find out to remove hardware another month down. How long after healing process is hardware usually removed. It sounds like most are not “healed” for up to a year. This all sounds so depressing for the most part. I was wondering when does this swelling stop. If I’ve had my leg down for sometimes even an hour I feel my cast getting tight and have to elevate leg. I really thought that would go away by now. Good luck to all of you.

  21. just a news years eve hello to all my old old friends on this valuable website. ie Anklequest, Wes, Don, Lee, Trac, Liz, Noreen, etc etc etc… I am wishing you,,, and all new anklebreakers good things in 2012. I am doing well… plate and screws still in place but am not much hampered by it at all anymore. To all you new ankle breakers,,,this injury is not at all fun,,, help each other out with all the tips and suggestions that you can,,,and offer each other good emotional support as its a very depressing time, but have faith it does get better…. much much better. Cheers, Lois.

  22. I broke my ankle (broke the fibula, chipped the tibia) in May 2011. I have 5 screws, one pin and a plate. I am very active and I am wondering if I’ll ever be able to do jumping jacks or skipping again. I did my first aerobic class today in 7 months, the lateral movements caused some discomfort but I was able to complete the class. I have been spinning, walking, doing yoga and water aerobics for the last 5 months but still have some stiffness. Should I really give myself a year before adding some higher impact? I had acupuncture which did aggravate the stiffness.

  23. Hey guys i broke my ankle from motorbike riding i dont know which bones but im still in a cast. im 17 years old i was in hospital for 2 weeks and have had my cast in for 6 i got another 2 weeks left till it comes out.
    I was just wondering when my cast comes off how long will it take for me to atleast walk or stand on two feet. my legs been healing really good when i went for a check up for my wounds i got 6 screws and 1 plate.
    Cant wait to walk again its so depressing at this age.

  24. i dislocated my ankle in january, also broke fib and tib and damaged ligaments etc, had plates and screws in and since had them removed, had months of physio and i still cannot bend down, sit on the floor with my children, walk let alone run or trian, i was a keen boxer and football player, feel very depressed about my situation as this was not sport related, i slipped on decking in a pub. its now december so almost a year and i cant see the light at the end of the tunnel, sorry to sound so negative but just how im feeling on a daily basis, still in lots of pain and find walking up stairs difficult and general daily tasks, anyone had similar problems and also anyone got any medical advice as doctors seem to have hit a brick wall with me.

    cheers everyone, any repkls welcome

  25. Hey everyone, got my results back from MRI and I will be getting a 2 for 1 surgery. Looks like I also have some cartilage damage as well. So Dr. said he will do arthoscopic first and then reset fibula, plated and 5 screws to secure the bone. Wow, all this just from sliding into 3rd base. I’ll continue to keep you updated. Sounds like a lot of people have a lot of pain from having the plate and screws in, I’m a bit nervous because I plan on continuing to play softball. Hope all goes well with me, and also my dr. said he will remove my hardware about 1 year later.
    Take care all.


  26. Hi all.

    Had my break just under a year ago.(1 plate,7 screws and 2 pins).

    I’m 57 yo and love beach fishing. No can do!
    I’m seeing the surgeon in 8 days in the hope of getting the hardware removed as I live on pain-killers and still feel pain and get swelling!

    Will get back to you all with the results in just over 8 days.

    A great site,keep it going for others!

  27. Hi, I slipped and fell in the bathroom in Mexico Feb 9 2011. My husband was in the shower and cauking was missing on the shower door he didnt know and water was pouring out. I walked into the bathroom and went flying my ankle was twisted on my foot. I was rushed to the hospital had 4 hour surgery in mexico play del carmen. I came back to Canada its been 9 months now I am still in sooooo much pain. Seen my surgeon and he said he was to busy and suggested I see his coworker surgeon. Its now Nov 21 I dont see this guy till January 24. The surgeon told me that I have arthritus in my ankle as well I may have nerve damage as when I touch the ankle area its a tingle down my foot. I have been going for physio since March and accuputure and dont see any improvement. I am a 56 year young woman. Am I the only one that feels this way when a major break happens. This has made me depressed and I cant stand the pain. thanks very much

  28. Dana,
    Hope your ankle is better, just make sure you are icing it. I’m glad to hear your recovery was quick,I’m hoping my recovery is the same fast. I really pray I’m ready to play softball again in mid April. DaLee

  29. I broke my ankle in two different places in August, I had surgery with a plate and 5 screws put in..I recovers quickly being in a pot and on crutches for 5 weeks then walking gradually after that. Now in November I have been completely fine to do everything again, up until last night where I fell over and today my ankle is really sore and stiff and it hurts to move it.. however I am still able to walk on it fine. What does this mean?

  30. Hi everyone, so I’ve been reading your stories of the broking ankles. My story is similar as well, I broke my ankle sliding into 3rd base. Broke my fibula, dr took x-ray and a week later placed a cast on it for 7 weeks, come to find out that the bone is not healing. Dr. proceeded to put me in a walking boot for 2 weeks and now I’m walking with a limp and in pain. Bone is still not healing, so I decided to get second opinion. This Dr. said I should of had surgery, and that my bone is displaced, I was not happy to hear this. So now I’m scheduled for surgery Dec. 19 to include one screw through the bones, a plate with 6 screws. So basicly I’m back to square one and with hardware in my ankle. Reading everyone post is helping me with what to expect with the recovery and life with hardware in your ankle. My Dr. said I’ll be ready for softball by April, I really hope so. I also am a runner and not being able to do that is just about killing me, so I’m really looking forward to getting back into running again. Also my Dr. has said in one year he will remove the hardware, he doesn’t leave the hardware in, so from what I’ve read from most of you it’s better to have it removed. My fracture is more towards the bottom of my fibula, so I’m sure the plate and screws will not be very comfortable to me. I will give everyone an update after my surgery, and look forward to your support.


  31. Im 19 years old an on november 26 it will be a year since i broke my right ankle i have a metal plate an recently had 8 screws removed i can walk normally know but it still hurts when i play soccer my ankle swells but what bothers me the most is when i go for long walks i feel like my ankle gets jammed and the feeling is horrable it hurts alot i dont know what it is but im thinking of getting the plate removed has anybody excperinced the same feeling of their ankle getting jammed?

  32. I had a metal plate & 7 screws fitted after I broke my ankle when I was 18. I’m now 32 and all still there! It can ache a little when the weather changes & I did just overdo it on a long walk recently by having my boots a little tight, but all in all, it’s fine :o)

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  34. i broke my 5 metersal didn’t need screws in im an irish dancer and did the injury while dancing i went back to dancing a month later didn’t even realize i broke it i have no trouble at all with it and my dancing career is at an all time but i am only 13

  35. Hi, I recently broke my ankle and discolated it. I had a plate and 8 screws put in. It has been about 8 weeks since my surgery and I have been walking again with a limp. My ankle around the point of where the joint meets the leg, is still swollen. The rest of my foot has subsided, except basically the end of my leg, above the heal around the 2 large ankle bones. Is this normal?

    Also I’m 22 and I was wondering if I should get the metal plate and screws removed, the doctor said I dont need to if its not causing any pain but currently my mobility is restricted and I am unsure if it is due to the swelling or possible loss of ligament or muscle?

  36. Hi, i just had surgery 15 days ago. Today im getting my staples out. I broke my fibula and malleolus tibia, i have a titanium plate 8 screws on fibula and 3 screws malleolu tibia. Im a waiter and i im afraid i cant work on that again. For the moment i have little swelling and stiffnes, I guess the doctor will give me a painfull strech and staples out. I cant wait to walk and drive my car. Dear God heal me well i dont need more pain….

  37. Hello! I broke tibia and fibula on my right ankle six weeks ago. i had to have this fixation on for two weeks to let the swelling go down before the surgery. now there is a plate and nine screws. My foot is very stiff and i’m supposed to walk in two weeks. Ì stretch it very often to the limit. I’m quite worried about how long it will take. anyone else experienced the same worriness? appreciate every answer.

    Andreas from Norway

  38. I fractured my ankle 8 months ago and have 7 screws and a plate.. they are still there and I am exercising! After 4 months I was doing jumping jacks but there was still, like the first post, pain when I had done too much. Just recently, I took up fast walking. This has been my cure-all! I walk at least 2 miles per day and today I slowly jogged .75 of a mile. I will get my hardware out in January.. I’m living in Hungary and they did all of the surgery.

    I push myself and do a lot of stretching and yoga to increase mobility. It is still stiff sometimes and I have to move it around. I don’t often feel a lot of pain but the most stiff part is usually my tendon.

    Good luck everyone!

  39. Hi I am 46 years old, I broke my talus bone, 18 months ago falling from the 1st floor, it was a bad break, they used wire (now taken out) and also I have 2 pins still in. To date I am still in pain, sometimes considerable almost feeling like toothache in my ankle, my last visit to the doctor was 4 days ago after a CT scan, my dilemma is to whether I have the pins taken out or not. If I do I am told 6 weeks non weight bearing, plus doctors advice that it may not help the pain. Do I go through with it or not any advice would be hugely appreciated at the moment I am booked in to have them removed.

  40. I was ran over accidently in 1999, shattered my ankle and was in a cast for about 8 months. I have limited movement, I can not run, but for the last yr, I have developed pain and swelling. Even if I gain 5 lbs, my ankle starts to hurt and it takes days of staying off of it for it to stop hurting me. I really do not think that I will be a one to take out the pins but I do think that they can be replaced. I am disabled because of this. I can not walk fast or anything of that sort. I used to run every day as my daily workout and I am not able to do that anymore. I want to know if there is anyone who is in a similar situation that had the pins replaced and what is our outcome?

  41. Hi everyone,

    I shattered my ankle and broke my leg two years ago this October and my ankle healed stiff, I was 27 at the time. Even with therapy it has left me without being able to run or even bend it normally to allow me to go down the stairs, even if I accidentally trip its very painful. It’s a pain. The swelling is still there and get’s really big after a day of being active. I recently have been told that I developed arthritis in it. I still have a plate and two of my screws in the left part of my ankle and the doctor said I had a choice to remove them or not. I feel them when I walk but unure if it is smart.

    My advice to you is to do what you think is best in your situation. All brakes heal different and only you know whats best for you. I hope your situation gets better. :-). Make sure your taking calcium pills, it really helps knowing that you have strong bones with fears of maybe hurting it again. Especially for women

    Stephanie, Omaha, Nebraska

  42. Dear Wel,
    I broke my ankle in three places including breaking my right inside ankle bone away 7 weeks ago.I have a large plate on the outside, a smaller plate on the inside, 8 pins and a large pin from back to front. I am going back to work on monday 15th aug.I am a bit worried that I might be rushing things.

  43. Hi All: Wish I could comment on having hardware removed but I, too, have everything still in place. It’ll be two years this coming Tuesday since I fell down a flight of stairs, breaking my left foot and my right tibia, fibula (2 places) and ankle (3 places), with three dislocations. I have two rods and eight screws, and the surgeon says I should leave everything in for now. Like others, I have a good deal of pain and stiffness, and also a lot of scar tissue. Does anyone have any suggestions for breaking scar tissue loose? I have a feeling that’s the cause of many of my problems. I can see from the skin that it’s attached underneath, but rubbing and rubbing doesn’t seem to help. It would be really nice to think that I’ll eventually be pain-free, but at this point I think it’s doubtful, darn it!

  44. August 14 2010 I was hit by a truck on a training ride on my left side. It twisted my ankle around 90 degrees. I had Surgury on the 17th, Pins, screws and plates. I Started cardio on the eliptical at my Gym in December. My surgeon said i would never run again (40 minutes over 5 miles) I worked on cardio through may and felt I might be able to run a littel. Called my surgeon he said to go slow and ice after each run. Understanding what was scar tissue pain and actual damaging pain was not too difficult. I started with one 11 minute mile and worked up to 2. I ran eleven days in a row and had some pain so I stopped for 3 days in April. I started over progessively working farther and farther. It is now July 7 and I can do 5 miles in 53 minutes and have no swelling or and pain.I am 49 years old and I won’t remove the metal in my ankle.

  45. I am also 44 yrs old with a plate and 5 screws, I am in severe pain everyday, early mornings and at the end of the day especially when I make an extra stop on my way home from work. i can’t seems to get a break from the pain. Two and a half years of pain is enough to make me loose my mind. I had one of the screw removed last year and the situation has only gotten worsse. I currently use my cane when am in unfamilar places, my pride is getting the best of me, and because of my physical features, people have a hard time believeing me about the level of pain am in. I was scheduled for an Ankle Fusion in March, however is was cancelled due to developing hip issues on the favoored leg (the good leg). I recently met someone who suggested a different anti-inflamatory pill which seem to be helping somewhat. I hate to suggest that you remove the screws, the recovery is nothing like they tell you, at least for me it wasn’t, six week of non-weight bearing all over is no joke, plus physical therapy….Good luck…

  46. I shattered both my ankles, separate events 10 yr apart. The first one I left metal in, mostly to avoid another procedure. The second one I had it out as soon as possible- just under one year. I shattered both my ankles, separate events 10 yr apart. The first one I left metal in, mostly to avoid another procedure. The second one I had it out as soon as possible- just less than one year.

    If you can possibly get it out, it’s way better and the operation is not bad. I was walking without a cane in a few days .My anklet without metal feels and acts much better.

    You do not have forever to decide this stuff. After 2-3 years it’s all grown into the bone and you can’t get it out without re-breaking bones.

    For a lot of reasons, bite the bullet and get the metal out as soon as you can.


  47. I am 44yo male. It has been 3 years for me. I have a plate and six screws on the outside.
    In the past I had pain in the mornings and after cooling down from activity.
    Just recently I have started having sustained pain with normal walking. I have an appointment with my Dr., but remember that he planed on leaving them in.
    If it gets worse as I get older I will be walking with a cane in just a few years at this rate. What is the impact of taking them out though? Could it be worse? I guess I will wait a talk to him.

  48. I am 63years old. Had two long pins in my ankle at age 25 following rugby injury.These are still there. Have had no trouble other than slight stiffness sometimes in the winters and have continued being very active. My current pasttime sport is squash. For the last year the discomfort is increasing to the point where following periods of inactivity ( sitting for lengths of time ) I need to virtually limp till that ankle warms up somewhat before I can walk normally. When active and warm while playing squash it is fine. After cooling down however again a limp creeps in very often. Wondering whether I should simply put up with the discomfort or have it checked whether the pins should come out. Can they come out after so long ?

  49. Okay All, It’s day #9 and my ankle is feeling like normal right now. I can start power walking, and after two weeks I could then escalate to running, and other high intensity aerobic activity. I walked around the house in my stiletos with ease today. I have no regrets for having the screws and plates removed from my ankle.

  50. I got ankle surgey exactly 1 year and 13 days ago. A plate and 7 screws on the outside and 2 screws on the inside. I finally started playing soccer again, ive been playing volleyball for a month or so, i can ran but stil can move my ankle 100% normal, i played a soccer game yesterday, it only hurt when i blocked the ball with my foot, but the pain started fading away real fast. But today, the outside of the ankle started swelling, and it hurts. I guess i just did too much of running and kicking. Hope its better tomorrow. The hardware does give me a little of pain on the outside when i try to run faster or kick the ball hard, i will go see the doctors soon to see why is that.

  51. Hi Irma, I’m 47 years old. I had a plate with five screws on the outside of my ankle and two additional screws on the inside of my ankle. The reason I wanted them out, is because I started to have so much pain and discomfort with them, and my ankle was constantly swelling, and after a thorough check of my x-ray my doctor agreed that they should be removed. He told me that the hardware is no longer needed as my ankle is completely healed. I must add that I am a runner and was told that it helped with the healing. If they are bothering you, please have them removed, if not then please follow your doctor’s advice. All the best to you.

  52. It has been almost three years since I broke my ankle and i still have all of my hardware in. NO pain at all with it. My doctor says he plans on leaving it in forever unless I start having major pain then he will think about taking it out. I don’t even realize I broke my ankle. I have no pain at all anymore. The down time of having it removed is different for different people. I had a friend who had her hardware removed and was down for almost a month. So I think it depends on the person. Good luck to everyone and let me know you outcomes please.


  53. Dear Wel, I, like Irma, am interested in more information as well. I pushing two years with mine plate and ten screws….have major pain all the time, which the doc says is from lost cartilage, not from screws and pins….but I can help but wonder if the hardware isn’t causing some of the problem. I am 64 and was really active before all this….thanks for your input, and am glad you are doing well! Suzanne

  54. Dear Wel, may I ask how much hardware you had and if you don’t mind what is your age. I’ve read that maybe it’s not a good idea to have them removed if you are 40 and over. I’ve had mine for 6 1/2 months(plate with 6 pins on the outside of my left ankle and one large pin on the inside) and still debating on getting them removed. My doctor said it was not necessary but your post gives me hope. Think I will seek a second opinion.

  55. I have just had my screws and plates removed from my ankle 3 days agao, after seven months of having them in. It was the best thing that I have ever had done. I have my flexibility back, and the recovery time was only two weeks. During the surgery my doc discovered that I had developed some scar tissue on top of the screws, that had to me scraped away before the screws could come out. The longer they are in your ankle, the more damage. Bottom line,,,get them removed as soon as possible. Don’t let anyone discourage you from the procedure. Once you are healed they are not needed.

  56. Hi Dhanu: So sorry to hear about your uncle, but glad that your pain is better. Did you get the screw removed yet?

    Hi Cooky: Wow, sounds like you had a whopper of an accident. I don’t have any plates, so I can’t comment on that, but I have read lots of posts that speak of the same pain from them that you have. I’d for sure mention it to your OS. I have 8 screws and I think they catch on tendons and that’s where most of my pain comes from. My surgeon wants to leave everything in for now, so I guess it’s just something I have to deal with.


  57. Hey guys and girls. 12 months on from a broken ankle. Broke both bones in the leg, snapped all the tendoms amd dislocated the ankle. Ended up with two plates and about 20 screws. Happy to be able to walk but am now feeling that the plates and screws are pulling and pushing on my tendomes. If I slightly knock my ankle in the wrong way on a plate it is agony. Should I get them removed or not

  58. dear judy,
    writing after a short break, due to my uncle’s sad demise. here in india we hav few days death come ceremony.

    now i decreased my pain while little weight bearing. most properly i will meet my OS on next monday. he will remove one big screw which seems makes pain while putting weight on my leg.

    with regards,,


  59. Dear Dhanu:

    You can search this on the Internet, and I sure don’t want to tell you anything that goes against what your doctor has told you, but my surgeon advised that I elevate my ankle above my heart (I sit in a chair and prop the ankle up with pillows) and put ice on the ankle for about 20 minutes at a time, several times a day, to reduce swelling. Even now, two years later, I occasionally ice my ankle and it always feels so good. I have some flexible ice packages that bend nicely around the ankle, but you can merely put ice cubes in a plastic bag if that’s easier.

    When you return to work next week, it would be great if you could at least put your leg up on a stool when you’re sitting. I remember the swelling causing me a lot of pain when my foot was on the floor, back in the beginning. Hopefully, others in the office will help you out so you don’t need to walk too much!

    Hope this helps!

    Your pal,

  60. dear friend judy,
    pls explain me how to use ice to reduce swelling? my OS advised me to keep leg into warm water to reduce swelling which one is effective?

    actually i am getting a relief when i read ur reply. thanks for walking with me………

    with regards,


  61. Hi again, Dharnu:

    I understand everything you say, so don’t worry about your written English–it’s fine!

    It’s a really good sign that you can already move your ankle up and down without pain, but be careful with putting too much weight on it too soon. Better to be cautious when you first start out. Good luck next week with your crutches–you should be fine, but take it slowly. It’s very easy to lose your balance at first. As soon as I was able, I moved to using just one crutch, and that was much easier. Once again, though, just take baby steps and don’t move too quickly.

    Get lots of rest this weekend, and elevate and ice!!


  62. dear judy,
    thanks again for you quick reply.
    really am getting very much happy when read u. am an indian so that i hav little problem in writing in english. it is very easy to show your mind in your mother tounge. anyway am ttrying to explain things maximum of my capability.

    i can easily move my foot forward and backward ; problem is it pains when i put wait on my foot. as you adviced i think it will be alright later.

    anyway your advice help me liike a cane , and expecting your support in the future too.

    am doing a small business, hence i hav to go to office next monday onwards; on crutches.

    thanks for hearing me, dear judy

    with luv n rgds,


  63. Dear Dhanu:

    I, too, appreciated being able to “talk” with others here who had similar injuries soon after my accident, so don’t hesitate to ask us questions. Even though our injuries are all different, it’s comforting to know that you’re not alone.

    To answer your question, in early July of 2009, I fell down a flight of stairs. I broke the 5th metatarcil on my left foot and basically snapped the right leg off at the shin. I completly dislocated both the tibia and fibula and also had three breaks in the ankle, also with dislocation. After two surgeries, I was left with two rods (tibia and fibula) and eight screws. I was first in a wheelchair with no weight bearing at all, then progressed to a walker, crutches, one crutch, and finally a cane. I haven’t used any walking device now in about 1.5 years. At my last visit with the surgeon, he indicated that he will leave all of the hardware in, unless I start having severe pain. He did say, though, that if he removes any screws at all, it would mean another 6 weeks on crutches.

    I’m doing pretty well these days, but do get occasional popping and snapping from the tendons around the screws. I don’t know if I have a screw working its way out or not, but I’m not too excited to do anything yet that would put me back on crutches.

    So, hang in there and try to be very patient. Some people heal very quickly and others take longer. Listen to your body and don’t try to push it. These are bad injuries and, although you’re very young, it still takes time. Also allow others to help you! It’s hard to do when you’re not used to it, but the more rest you can give your leg the better.

    Finally, ice is your best friend and try to elevate and ice frequently. Reducing the inflammation will make you feel much better.

    How did you hurt yourself? Let me know how you’re doing!

  64. Hi Dhanu:

    Yes, we are all brothers and sisters on this journey! Your injury is very recent and I’m not surprised that you have severe pain when putting weight on your leg. It seems too soon to me to put weight on a dislocation, especially with the number of screws you have in place. Try to be patient and give your body time to heal. I doubt that the removal of screws will leave you pain-free (sorry), but the best thing you can do is listen to your body and don’t push ahead too quickly. This is a long journey, and patience is key. My best wishes to you!


  65. dear brothers n sisters,
    me from india, 35 years old man. i broke my fibula and dislocated my ankle on march 21st 2011. now am a proud owner of six screws and a plate.

    on my last visit, my surgeon said that i can put wait on my right leg which is dislocated. but i tried to put wait on my leg and i feel sivere pain just like screw is punching to flesh.

    is it normal?? doctor said that he will remove a bigger screws after two weeks and then i will be free of pain.

    pls advice me if anybody is having same problem. me facing swelling whenever i put let in normal position. so i am keeping my leg elevated always.

    expecting you suggestions n opinions.

    with thanks n regards,

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  68. 50 yeras old. I ran 5 miles 7 days a week at an 8 minute 35 second pace am. Pm Rode 20 miles on time trial bicycle 22.3 mph. August 14 2010, a truck ran a red light and blasted my left ankle. It was totally rebuilt with screws, pins an plate. I went from 169 to 231 December 26. Released to cardio workout December 28. Using Precor Runner, down to 181 as of April 22, 2011. I have no pain, no numbness, small amount of swelling. Ran two miles today for first time in 20 minutes, no pain. My bike will be in Next week. By mid May I hope to be 169. From August to December, I thought my athletic life was over. New clothes 36 waist from 32. I worked out my whole life. All of you know, one step at a time and build bridges. It can be done, but I had doubts, keeps pushing and don’t give up. wearing 32 again, my upper body is bigger because I lifted more weights when on my crutches.

  69. Micheal, The way i got over my pain was to push my body further, at the point i was happy with walking i started jogging even if it hurt a bit (i can tell good pain from bad) then ran, every day i would do more and more to push it and now i can do everything again, people shouldnt have a bad mind set about how it will never heal etc. I had a solid mind through out knowing i will get back to myself again even though the doctors said i wouldnt. the mind is powerfull! just keep pushing it :S if you’re out of options that is.

  70. Dawna…You broke your ankle just a month ago, had surgery and already walking???? Amazing! I had a tri-mal fracture in Oct 2009 with dislocation, ORIF with plate, screws, pin and wasn’t weight bearing for 10 weeks. I was in a split cast for a 4 weeks, then a bulky boot. Yes, every time I would take the boot off, and then put it back on, horrible pain. I still have 2 toes numb and top of foot is numb. Pain was horrible for three month. It’s been 18 months. I walk sort of normal, limp occasionally with stiffness then can sort of walk it out. Can’t run nor can I stand on that foot with full weight bearing very long. Foot AND leg with still turn red. But except for stiffness occasionally and phantom pain (I swear those pins move around!) and occasional nerve pain, I am more or less normal. So if it’s only been a month for you, then you are doing great! It takes a l-o-n-g time with ankle fractures. You can’t put your foot in a sling like you can with an arm!

    Good luck!

  71. I broke my ankle 5 months ago. I have a pin and plate with 6 small pins. My doctor said there was no need to have them removed, but I have some discomfort and stiffness. Does that ever go away? I used to run and wear heel most of the time but not sure if and when I will be able to do it again. Any females out there that can tell me how long before I can get back into some heels or running? Need to know if I will ever feel normal….whatever that maybe.

  72. broke my ankle and have a plate 6 screws and a bolt with string as the ligaments tore.. 4 months down the line im playing football again.. im leaving the hardware in as it makes ur bone stronger as when ur fully healed it provides extra support so my osteopath has told

  73. Hi,it has been 1 mth today since i broke ankle in a fall down stairs….The surgeon put in 4 screws and a plate on outer side and 7 screws on the inside,in 1 week i was in Air-cast,have been weightbearing for 2 weeks,walked a bit without cast,but since first cast came off i have extreme numbness and then painfull tingling in my 3 middle toes…went EMG room,dr said it was (UNSYMPATHETIC NERVES AND A WEAK PULSE)…went last week to see surgeon again and he said same thing not to worry and feeling(should?)return to normal…I am in agony when i take cast off and let foot low to ground have to still elevate,now i cannot find anyone who has had this problem after surgery,but surgeon and on call dr said same thing,but i am still not convinced as this is painfull in a way that is frightening,if anyone who reads this has heard or has any advise for me please reply as i am a bog of nerves and need some insight into what i should be doing….TY….Dawna:)

  74. It will be two years in July since my accident. I had six breaks–left foot, right tibia and fibula (2) and three in the ankle with dislocation. I have two rods and eight screws.

    I have occasional pain and swelling but am walking really well…unless I go too far or am on uneven terrain. My surgeon said during the last appointment that he would only consider removing screws if I had “significant” pain, which I do not. I truly feel that this will be a level of pain that I’ll just have to deal with for the rest of my life.

    Michelle–it sounds to me like you may have some ill-placed screw(s) that are giving you trouble. Have you gotten a second opinion? After two years, it doesn’t seem right to me that you still need such heavy pain killers. I’m not saying you don’t have pain, but just that it should be behind you for the most part by now. I’m really sorry you’re going through this, but keep your chin up. I still ice and elevate from time to time, which really helps me a lot. By the way, the surgeon also told me that even at this point in time, I’m still healing, so I’m sure you are, too. It’s a much slower process than I ever imagined, and I’m just glad that no one told me right after my accident that I’d still be struggling at the 2-year point. Talk about a downer!!

    Keep us posted!

  75. It has been two years now since I broke my ankle and my doctor left all of the screws and plates in. I have had no pain with this. He wants to keep all of the hardware in since it is not bothering me. sometimes I think that having the hardware taken out is worse. I don’t know.

  76. It’s been two years since I broke my ankle, and a year since I had 1 screw removed. I was put to sleep for that one removal and was non-weight bearing for 6 weeks, recovery was somewhat painful and I still have alot of pain every day, having problems going down the stairs, can’t run and feeling very discourave at times. I am taking and using Bone-up an all natural supplement, Vitamin D with Calcium, Fish Oil, Motrin, Vicodin, Voltaren Cream, wearing my brace, I also have a fusion cast and everything else that was recommended and still can’t find comfort. I am frustrated and very unhappy at this time Dr. don’t seem to have an answer, I don’t think there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me. (I originally broke my Tibula and Fibula) once more, suggestions that anyone think might work…

  77. Hey Luke what was the recovery time after having the screws removed, were you non weight bearing at all, and did they have to put you under anesthesia to do it? I have a plate and 12 screw and a couple need to come out, I go back to the DR on the 15th and I am sure he will answer all those questions but I am curious how your screw removal went?? My husband is now telling me I am screw loose….hahah

  78. Hiya, Hearing about Japan and the earthquick. Concerned if this will affect all the medicine they were doing into acupuncture.

  79. Kiora hello everyone

    I broke my ankle nearly a year ago now ,and got a plate with 9 screws init.scince then iv had two screws taken out (two screws going threw both sides of my ankle) which was a relief ,but still have the plate with x amount of screws in.

    I go running every second day and have a decent weights rescheme ,it swells up at night but i have been taking fish oill tablets (really recommed) and have been a freak with my diet with what i eat.

    i would like to get the plate taken out so it can be normal again but my surgon told me that theirs a possible risk of infection (which im afraid of)
    im going to play rugby again with it in ,as i am resonlbly comfortable with it in.does anyone think that im mad to play with it in ? could i shatter it and make matters worse? you can defintly see my plate as it bolgers out of my ankle but does not hurt.
    great advice everyone ,i recommed everybody get health and fitness mad! your foot will reap the results.kia kaha-stay strong

  80. JC54, I have never heard of anyone’s plate breaking from running or playing football. I would consider getting a second opinion. I still deal with swelling after 2+ years. If I wore Jobst stockings it would help, but I hate those things. I think playing football is a good goal to work towards. Good luck and hang in there.

  81. Thanks nancy.. Well i still cant run that well yet and at times my ankel gets really swollen and sometimes fells like a sting. My regular doctor said that if i play football again my plate my break and make it worse. You guys think it can really brake? So im still in a 50/50 on playing again.

  82. Thanks Ant! I appreciate your reply to my comment. I made a doctors appointment and I’m going to tell him everything that’s been going on. Last time I saw one was a little over a year ago, my girlfriend went with me so when he asked if there was any pain, I felt I should be a MAN’s man and say no pain. Nothing I can’t deal with. I didn’t want to sound like a whimp in front of my girlfriend. Well, now she’s my wife so I’m ok with sounding like a whimp in front of her, ha ha. Thanks again.

  83. Oh Juan – I haven’t posted here for a while but your comments made me think. In my humble opinion your pain is not normal! I too had a tri mal fracture with ORIF surgery and dislocation – screws and plates on outer and a screw on the inner. This was in Jan 2010 – I am now nearly 43 years old. I had my third surgery in October and had all but the inner screw removed. While I wouldn’t be able to run a marathon I am ‘walking’ again – must say though half an hour at most! I ran a few laps at a fundraising function last week but wouldn’t push it beyond that. I know we are all different and even though our injuries sound similar there is always damage done that we can’t see. You need to tell your OS what you are going through and stand up yourself. I was so much better for having the hardware out – I used to flinch everytime something rubbed up against it (still do but that isn’t coz it’s sore – I am just very nervous of bumping it!). Please, please try and have a good chat to your doctor and tell them what is going on. There must be some kind of solution that could improve your situation, even a little!! Good luck –

  84. Hey everyone,

    So I broke my ankle back on Oct. 2007 3 places and dislocated it. I wasn’t working at the time and I had no health insurance. So I didn’t get a lot of physical therapy. It’s been a little over 3 years now and I’m not even close to doing the things I used to do. I can’t run, I can’t even speed walk. My ankle hurts so bad if I’m on it for more than 15-20 minutes at one time and the plate and screws on the outside of my ankle hurt really bad and I have trouble putting socks on due to this pain. I have trouble walking up stairs and I have very limited motion. The worst part is my foot actually gets stuck under the bones of my ankle and it take nearly an hour at night for the pain to go away so I can get to sleep. I am going to see the doctor for the first time in over a year, and I’m always very intimidated there. Can anyone tell me what I should ask for? Do I just tell the doctor about the pain or is this normal?

  85. Nancy, My D was low on my last blood work at my endocrinologist BEFORE my break. I don’t know what it was at my last check. I had to miss my July appt. due to break on June 30 as I couldn’t get up the steps and it was too difficult getting in & out of house at that time. Took until Jan. before I got back in and they usually draw blood at visit and unless something drastic discuss at next visit three months later. ARgh.

    But I have done a lot of reading about the Vitamin D and taking it as a supplement is a long and slow way to up your levels. From what I read, the very best thing is to go outside and expose as much skin as possible and sit in the sun for about 20 minutes daily. Me, being an ultra fair skinned blond hair blue eyes, I always avoid the sun but as soon as it warms up a bit, I plan to try and put on a tank top and some shorts and sit out on the deck a little bit mid-morning and see how that goes. I don’t expect big results before my next appointment in early April but hope by the July appointment maybe an uptick in my Vit. D levels. I also think I will ask him IF I can start coming in a week BEFORE my appointment for the blood draw so he will have the results for my visit with him.

    Oh and I take Armour thyroid, Hashimito’s, as T3 & T4 problems associated, and can’t take or it doesn’t really help with the Synthroid. For awhile there it was IMPOSSIBLE to find in stock and had to go to a compounding pharmacy for much, much more $. Still hard to find, and for my 90’s that I take on Tues. & Thurs. they give me triple the quantity but 30’s so I take 3 daily, other days I take 120 mg. and they have to give me double 60’s. But he is trying to tweak it to the best levels possible as all 90’s x 7 would be too low and all 120’s x 7 would be too high.

    Good Luck!!!!

  86. I have not posted for a really long time. JC54, if you have most of your range of motion back and not much pain, then I would certainly play football again. It is what helps us feel “normal” again.
    I had a tri ankle break and a bicondular tibial plateau fracture in Aug of 2008. On February 14, 2011 I suffered a compound spiral fracure of my femur. My bone density is amazing for my age, 49, but some of the other numbers don’t add up. Before my accident I was at a 32 for vit. D. After taking it for months and with some 50,000 unit pushers, my vit. D went down to 21. It seems my body does not absorb vit. D. My thyroid number has now come back as a borderline issue. Has anyone had multiple fractures? Does anyone have advice for me on what I should research? I am seeing an endocrinologist in a few weeks.
    Trac, what is the other posting site?

  87. I broke my ankel playing football on may 2010. I have a metal plate in my ankel, im planning on playing football again in the fall of 2011. Do you guys think thats a good idea? or should i not play no more? The orthopetic doctor that perform my surgery said i will be able to play again but im still not shure. He said i suffered a common injury. What do you guys think should i play again?

  88. To Ana, My heart goes out to you, and I will look forward to further posts from you on your progress. I hope to have fusion at some point also, because like you, the pain is blocking my life too. Will be thinking about you and praying….

  89. I had my ankle fused on January 20, 2011. It’s been almost 3 weeks. I have to admit the first night was pretty painful, but I have not had any painkillers for a little over a week now. I get scared everytime I go to the ortho and see the shape my foot is in. I know I knew what I was getting into before the surgery, but it’s one thing to see pictures and read and yet another when you are staring at “your own” foot… I don’t have any doubts since my pain was blocking my way of life. I just am scared of the unknown. I’m afraid that when I am able to put weight it’s going to still hurt. I am also afraid of the limitations I am going to have. I am only 34 and I have had 3 surgeries in the last 8 years. I hope this is the final one, I don’t think I can go through this again. Good luck to everyone…

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  91. Yes Trac….I do view it as a final end to pain and a true adventure going forward with the prosthesis. My surgery was very recent 11/30/2010. All my pain has truly been isolated to the stump itself. But I imagine phantom pain or sensation could occur at anytime going forward. I do, however, find it comforting that none have occurred two weeks after the procedure.

    How is your residual stump pain coming along at this point? Are you on Oxycodone as well?

    I am looking forward to getting back to the gym and regaining some upper body strength and mass. And of course that first magical moment when I walk fully unaided with my bionic leg.

  92. Hello! Ana, I have met many people with fusion (I searched them out) and many are more active now. One guy rock climbs, another is an avid backpacker, and almost all returned to active jobs. I know with me, no pain was gain. Good luck to you, just know that plenty of people who have fusion become quite active afterwards.
    Kevin, glad to see you are doing so well. Seems you and I are true kindred ankle break
    ing spirits. I, too, have had many surgeries, I can’t give you a number, but, it is over 20. And, I went through BK amputation 11/08/10. I am having phantoms, but, I understand it is different for each person, I too, take Gabapentin. It is a big deal, but,finally, right? I usually post on the other site, Ana, you might check there, as there are some post fusion posters.
    Good Healing to everyone & Here’s to our blessings!

  93. Ana……I will keep you in my daily prayers and thoughts. I understand where you are at painwise. It just plain hurts often and especially in the afternoon and the end of the day. I am no surgeon…but usually fusion is the last operative procedure.

    It was for me….but I think the trauma team had doubts about my injury and its “chances” for a good outcome from the get go.

    I had so many complications afterwards. Anyway best of luck and be sure to keep us all posted.

  94. For Kevin, so thankful you are doing well, Kevin, and your attitude is wonderful! Hang in there, you’re still in prayer!

  95. I scheduled my fusion for January 20 of next year. I hope that this is the final surgery, the ortho suggested some kind of rubber expander and to later remove it as spacing the joint “may” help with the arthritis pain. I kind of opted out of that one, since it would be my 3rd surgery, plus a 4th to remove the expander. There is also no guarantee and later I might have to fuse it anyway. I am not so afraid of the surgery but the recovery. I can talk to everyone I know, but no one really understands the pain. A lot of people have told me not to fuse it because of the loss of movement. I am at a point that the pain doesn’t allow me to do many things anyways. If it’s stiff and not as mobile, but I can walk all day or play with the kids and not worry about the pain, I know it’s worth it. Thanks to everyone on this website…It really helps to know that I am not alone. Happy Holidays and Good luck …and may all your wishes of being “pain free” come true.

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