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Well I had some excitement this past weekend. I was helping my brother move out of his place after he graduated. My mom and I were moving a mattress down the stairs and I thought I was down all of the stairs and I wasn’t. I missed one and my left ankle twisted and sprained slightly and my other ankle went snap crackle pop! I knew instantaneously that it was broken. I helped that there was a huge bump! So in Eau Claire they did Conscious Sedation and set my foot. They said I wouldn’t remember but I remembered them setting it although it was dulled thank goodness. Then I got put on pain medication and we drove back from Eau Claire to our Hometown of Waconia. There I got checked into the Ridgeview Medical Center where the next morning I had surgery. Apparently I broke all three bones possible in my ankle. Talented I am. So now I’m on pain pills and off from work for a week. I’m going to be going stir crazy I have a feeling. Any good websites that any one is aware of to waste time I would appreciate.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I went out to a local nightclub I use to work at. When I went to my truck to grab something, I got jumped by a group of natives. My leg was broken in multiple spots with a shattered ankle. I had surgery the next day. 12 pins and a plate. One week spent in the hospital and then two weeks later I was given an aircast. I felt safe to move around with the aircast but on crutches for at least four months, off work for 8 months at least. No weight is allowed on my foot for at least four months. I dont let the pain win or the injury put me down. Stay positive, smile, laugh and have many friends stop by to help out and socialize. In my caseI could have been killed. Look at all the positive things you have going for yourself. I decided to start a massive garden this year by seed. Come harvest time I should be back to 100%. Keep yourself mentally busy and do what you can with the rest of your body. Listen to the doctor and dont try to speed things up. Dont hide inside your house. Go out and the kindness of others will make you feel better alone. I hope to get out fishing soon once my injury can take the backroads but for now I tend to all the things I didn’t have time for befor and visit my great helpful friends. Stay strong and smile, best to keep the mind knowing things will be ok.

  2. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to provide something again and help others like you aided me.

  3. Found tart cherry juice concentrate from my doctor for my arthritis pain. I began drinking a few weeks ago and I feel great. I even got free shipping. Found some great resources about tart cherry juice

  4. Hey ya’ll, I’ve not been watching the site lately, just dealing with ongoing PAIN. I’m 64, had major break two years ago, plates and 11 screws. Pain and swelling persist. Somebody said “look again at getting the hardware out”. Has anybody reading this who is even close to my age, had all the hardware removed and had good results? I am running out of options. Will NOT use narcotic drugs and will NOT take anymore cortizone injections. Need help!! Thanks. My heart goes out to all of you…

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  6. Hi, feeling very sorry for everyone still struggling with a lot of pain. I found it very scary, wondering if I would ever be pain free and back to normal. It seems unlikely that I will be back to normal – my knee can’t bend enough so that I go up and down stairs like a toddler. One step, one step! But the pain does get easier. I take my dog on a walk each morning and I swear by it as the best physio. It keeps things ‘oiled’ and less stiff. I’m nearly fifty so some people seem to think that I have ‘pretty much had my life’. But I know that proper hiking, watersking and Spanish dancing are over for me. I still sometimes feel sorry for myself but I am really grateful that the pain is not constant anymore. If I can get there (I can’t get my hardware out – it holds things together as the ankle was smashed to pieces – cornflakes the doctor kindly said) – at my age – I am really hoping that those of you who are younger will get entirely better. It really does not feel fair for you to be young and having to go through this! In South Africa we say ‘Vasbyt’ meaning ‘bite hard’ when we want to say it’s nasty but just keep going – I find this to be rather apt especially as it is really just about getting through the process and coping the best you can! So Vasbyt everyone!

  7. Hey! Question…. Has anyone been told not to get in hot tub or have any kind of heat on ankle? Dr told me not too and love hot tub! Surgery was 3 months ago. Know heat can cause more swelling

  8. Hi! I fractured my tib and fib, and broke small bone in top of my ankle. Had surgery April 2. 9 screws and 2 plates. Walking without aircast now. Achilles Tendon starting 2 hurt and ankle swells a lot.I want to start bike riding, ankle pretty stiff! Going on cruise in Aug. Glad to hear bike riding seems good!

  9. Hi

    Know what you are going through. I broke my lower tibia and fibula ankle about a year ago. I was in misery for three and half months. I fell in the kitchen. I had plate and screws also. I had a wonderful surgeon.

    My advice to you is to follow the doctor’s orders. I do was not in a boot. They tried but it was very uncomfortable for me.

    Soaking it in a jacquzzi helps alot.

  10. hi, im 15 and broke my ankle 9 weeks ago on ym birthday, i can walk on it now around the hosue slowly but for outside trips i use 1 or 2 cruthches (depends on distance and how long i have to get there)i broke my tib and fib…BADLY and had a plate with 6 pins and 2 2inch long pins in the other side. i broke it riding motocrosss sort of own fault but thats just bad luck. i hope you all recover quickl and nicely as i am doing my doctor expected 20 weeks before i could walk how i am doing now so hopefull yin a week or two i can ditch the crutches.
    BTW i have never been given any kind of boot or walking shoe not even a insole i ased about it but he said it would be a steap backwads and it is better to just put up with “a bit pain” the pain he described as mild-strong uncomfarability i soon descovered to be agany but its getting better every day.

  11. Hi, fellow sufferers and I wish plenty of courage to all of you who have just been supremely unkind to your ankles. More than 18 months later I do have pain but it has lessened all the time.(We got hit by a truck) I went to a new physio last week and she strapped my ankle to see if I need a prothetic device to put inside my shoes to keep my foot alighned – seems that I do. Hope it helps.

    Get better and better all the time!

  12. Nice to meet you guys. I slipped last July 13th, as in Firday the 13th, and broke/crushed several bones in the ankle. I spent a week in the hosiptal, had surgery, went back to work after 3 weeks. I used a walker for the first 3 months and then I could finally start trying to walk. Went to physical therapy and they over did it one day and created stress fractures in the top of my foot. I keep getting stress fractures now because the hardware is coming out of the bone. I am preparing to go back in to remove the hardware and go back in a cast. I am beginning to think I may never wear matching shoes again.

  13. I broke my Left ankle while teaching in school in a sports PE class. Man was that embarrassing. Broken in 3 places that required 8 screws and a plate. I broke in April 2 had surgery on the 4th. Went back on the 17th and went into the boot and started Physical Therapy. I also coach baseball. I can’t wait to start walking again but it doesn’t seem like it will be soon after reading the above messages.

  14. Hello Sandy

    Yes I too broke both my Tibia/Fibula and a third bone near the foot, so I understand what you are going through, it’s good to hear that you are walking some, it took me almost 4 monts before I could even put my foot on the floor without pain, hang in there!!!

  15. I recently broke my tibia and fibula and I am
    walking some. I go back to the ortho in three weeks to check my bone healing. I was wondering if anyone
    broke their tib/fib. I fell in my kitchen. I am 57 years old.

  16. Hello All:

    I slipped and fell on a patch of snow & ice on 12/7/07 and I had to have 2 plates and 13 screws put in my right ankle, here it is almost 4 months later and I am still miserable. I am in physical therapy and I am currently learning how to walk with one crutch and an aircast on my leg (instead of the boot) and it is coming along, but I am extremely frustrated because my ankle constantly throbs, the hardware is literally coming out of my skin and is irritating as hell. My foot is always cold and I can’t bend my big toe at all on this foot. My surgeon has decided that he wants to take the hardware out, so I am not looking forward to whole recovery process again. My birthday is coming and here I am unable to really celebrate because I can’t stand or drive, etc. I was so glad to come across this site and find that I am not alone in dealing with such madness, that I started to feel a little better and began to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I just want to say thank you to everyone for sharing their stories and giving such encouraging words. Now that I have found this group, I will be checking in daily for my dose of “chicken noodle soup”.

    Bless you all!!

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  19. This isn’t reasonable. I know that doctors are for the most part helpful. Bulemia is a real thing in female housecats. I would not have believed it and for the longest time didn’t. Go figure.

  20. My wife doesn’t like bikes either. The motorized ones that is. 😉 Doctors are OK in my book but I can see why you don’t like them though.

  21. Doctors. They couldn’t seem to understand how difficult the idea of surgery was for me. They very nearly killed me nine years ago. In some ways they did. I had the waking anesthesia thing during a ten hour surgery on my top vertabae. I can still ride my bike though. Doctors hate bikes.

  22. I just got off the crutches I have been walking with crutches for two weeks before this and now am experiencing walking without crutches. Its going good (freedom let me tell you) but slow and painful. Hopefully yours goes better I just keep counting down the weeks until I’m free and clear of a boot all together! Your cat had Bulemia? I’ve never heard of a cat having bulemia. I see you read alot of my blog I like visitors feel free to check back but we’ll see how long it takes me to come up with a new topic….

  23. I had similar ankle surgery within days of yours. Four pins and two screws. Hoping to get a walking cast in a week or so. I am just about to lose what’s left of my marbles. As for cat wisdom, I have kept two housecats for twentyfive years and your cat’s pissiness is not abnormal. I recently and very reluctantly got rid of my female because of her buleimia.Now that’s abnormal. I’m talking about the female cat. I’m into sqeezable mayo because I’m lazy.

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