Pregnant after 35 is it worth the risks?

So my husband and I continuously talk about whether or not to have a second child.  we were blessed 5 years ago with a wonderful little girl and even though I wasn’t sure about it at first I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Since then we have halfheartedly tried for a second child.  Never going over the top with all the extreme methods to conceive.  I am now 35 and to be honest overweight (even though I battle it and exercise daily 🙁 ).  We started seriously talking about the fact that we both wouldn’t mind a second child.  I have read about the risks associated with having a child after 35 especially if you are overweight of course if you are even lucky enough to conceive.  It sounds like everything is stacked against you.  Is it worth risking everything including the child’s life to do it?

New Addition: Lily Grace

Nine months came and went and on August 19th my husband and I welcomed a little girl, Lily Grace into our household.  She was 6 pounds 13 ounces, and 21 inches long.  Her arrival was much anticipated by grandparents on both sides and her aunts and uncles who are all thrilled.

Pregnancy and old broken ankle equal very swollen ankle

So I broke my ankle now about four years ago and chose to left the metal in as my doctor stated that it would make it stronger.  I don’t regret that as I haven’t had any issues with it.  Every summer though my ankle swells a bit and I wonder if it has something to do with the metal (foreign objects) in my ankle.  This year on top of it being summer I’m pregnant, nine months as of now and for the past several weeks (since about July) my ankle that I broke several years ago gets so swollen I wish I could stick a pin in it to let the liquid/air out of it:).  I now wear compression socks at night to try and keep it down during the day.  My doctor says that its normal as my other ankle somewhat swells up also.  Its just part of the fun of pregnancy in combination with old injuries I guess but let me tell you I don’t care for my cankle look too much!

Baby coming soon August 2009

Well I thought I would write and ask for any and all advice.  We are going to be having our first child in August.  Currently I’m five months along.  So far I have been lucky no sickness, not much weight gain (yet), everything has been going smoothly.  We had our ultrasound on Friday and so far as we know everything looks good but we will have to see after we meet with the doctor on Monday.  What I’m looking for is advice, advice on where to find good maternity clothes, where to find good kids deals, how to be a working mom and balance life and work, etc.  I’m looking for any and all advice you have to give.  Thanks for the help!

Pregnancy-How do you balance work, home, personal life?

I’m not pregnant yet but we have discussed the possibilities and one of the questions that always come up is how do people do it?  How do you balance having a fufilling career and still spend quality time with your family?  Also I can’t forget how are you able to achieve all of the things you wanted to in life…. say travel?  It seems unreal to me how people do this as all I can think is how expensive babies are.  Don’t get me wrong I love kids dearly but I’m just asking of the world out there are there women who can do this all?  I know there are and so what I’m asking is how do you balance it all and not lose yourself in the mix?  Just curious.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

Wall-E Merchandise & why there is a lack of it

So my husband has been looking for Wall-E merchandise since it came out.  I have come to a conclusion though why its not everywhere like some movie merchandise.  The whole movie is about how people have so much waste that I think it actually makes allot of sense that there isn’t merchandise everywhere.  I have read allot of posts about Wall-E stating that its ironic that Disney is making a movie about how much waste there is everywhere and that this movie would just create alot of waste.  Seriously though if you look at say Wal-Mart or Target its hard to find anything Wall-E related.  I’m not sure if that’s the reason behind it or not but I thought it was interesting.

Update-Broken Ankle-1 Year later

So its been about a 1 year (and a month) since I completely broke my ankle (broke every bone and dislocated it) and I’m proud to say my ankle is basically healed. I have scars on both sides of my ankle and it still swells bigger than my non-broken ankle but overall I can do everything again that I could do before I broke it. In fact I have started running at the Gym and it holds up well. Every so often my ankle will tell me if I’ve done too much by causing some pain or if the weather is changing. I still have all of the metal in my ankle as I figure that I’m going to at least enjoy the summer before deciding if I want to get the metal removed or not. Any of you out there who have broken an ankle before do you still have the metal or not? Is it as simple a procedure as the doctor says to remove it? Do I have to go back on crutches at all?

TRIA Orthopedic-Surgery on the wrong leg

So I’m sure you’ve heard the stories about people going in for surgery and the surgeon operated on the wrong body part.  I know I had but I always thought it was one of those tall tails that didn’t happen very often until today.  My co-worker’s mom went into surgery yesterday for a repair to her ACL.  The doctor signed the leg that he was supposed to do surgery on and then left the nurses to prep her mom.  During that time some of the nurses went on lunch break and others took over.  During the middle of this somehow the nurses ended up prepping the wrong leg.  The surgeon started performing surgery on the wrong leg and got in and couldn’t find anything wrong with the ACL but stated sometime the ACL starts to repair and therefore kept scraping the tendon away trying to find the problem.  He finally realized that they were on the wrong leg too late and then had to replace that tendon because of all the damage caused while in there.  He then called my co-workers father and told him what happened and asked if he wanted the surgeon to still fix the bad leg (the leg he was supposed to fix in the first place).  They decided they might as well go ahead and fix it.  She now has had both tendons replaced even though only one was supposed to be fixed.

I can’t even begin to imagine especially if the surgeon had signed the leg that he was supposed to do surgery on how you mess up like that.  Sad to say, as I’m not a suing kind of person, but this is a lawsuit waiting to happen and this is why our health insurance premiums are so high.  We all make mistakes believe me I make mistakes in my job time and again its just doctors have a higher risk when they make mistakes.

Pulmonary Embolism

So I went from slowly re-learning how to walk again with my broken ankle to now last week I was hospitalized again this time for a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs).  The past 5 days I have been in the hospital from clots in both of my lungs major ones in my left side and clots in my right leg.  This all resulted from the combination of having surgery on my broken leg and the fact that I use birth control.  So now for the rest of my life I will be off birth control and for the next 6 months I will be on Coumadin (blood thinners) and have a different diet.  Well thats the update for now I go from one hospitalization to the next.  My personal opinion right now is I’m ready to be done with hospitals but yet I’m very thankful as it could have been alot worse in the long run!

I can walk again!

After 3 long months I can walk again!  I can where two shoes again and where pants again.  For those of you this hasn’t happened to you have no idea how much the little things mean!  I still have a limp as I try and reteach myself to walk, I have a nice size scar and my foot is still really swollen but you know what who cares I can walk!