Pregnancy-How do you balance work, home, personal life?

I’m not pregnant yet but we have discussed the possibilities and one of the questions that always come up is how do people do it?  How do you balance having a fufilling career and still spend quality time with your family?  Also I can’t forget how are you able to achieve all of the things you wanted to in life…. say travel?  It seems unreal to me how people do this as all I can think is how expensive babies are.  Don’t get me wrong I love kids dearly but I’m just asking of the world out there are there women who can do this all?  I know there are and so what I’m asking is how do you balance it all and not lose yourself in the mix?  Just curious.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  1. Came across this after looking at the pictures of your new beautiful little girl. I’m sure you will look back at these worries and laugh, because soon you will not be able to imagine life without her or hardley remember what you did with all your time before she was there. As parents I’m sure we do miss out on a lot of things singles or childless adults do, but that unconditional love you feel for that child and watching them grow is priceless and far more precious than any trip you might want to take. Your kids won’t be living at home forever. Don’t get me wrong kids don’t tie you down to home you just take different kind of trips, things kids enjoy. Zoos, fairs, parks all those things seem fun again once you get to watch your children enjoy them. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. It all kind of falls into place and you just have to take it day by day and remain flexible, don’t stress about the little things as hard as that may be sometimes. I know we haven’t been close for quite some time but I know you are a very smart and caring person and have been good at everything you have done and being a mom will be no different!! Congrats again!!

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