Pulmonary Embolism

So I went from slowly re-learning how to walk again with my broken ankle to now last week I was hospitalized again this time for a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs).  The past 5 days I have been in the hospital from clots in both of my lungs major ones in my left side and clots in my right leg.  This all resulted from the combination of having surgery on my broken leg and the fact that I use birth control.  So now for the rest of my life I will be off birth control and for the next 6 months I will be on Coumadin (blood thinners) and have a different diet.  Well thats the update for now I go from one hospitalization to the next.  My personal opinion right now is I’m ready to be done with hospitals but yet I’m very thankful as it could have been alot worse in the long run!

I can walk again!

After 3 long months I can walk again!  I can where two shoes again and where pants again.  For those of you this hasn’t happened to you have no idea how much the little things mean!  I still have a limp as I try and reteach myself to walk, I have a nice size scar and my foot is still really swollen but you know what who cares I can walk!

Broken Ankle-Week and a half left!!!

So as I posted a while ago I broke my ankle on May 20th and it has been a slow recovery but here’s the good news, in a week and a half I lose the boot for good!  Thank goodness too as I have a wedding to be in on Labor Day weekend.  I’m praying that I can walk normal by that weekend but we will have to see.  Therapy has been going well on my ankle so that’s good but you never know what its going to be like until you walk on it.

Medical Insurance-Hospital Bills

Well as I said I broke my leg the other week and let me tell you I don’t like seeing how much things cost. Luckily I have medical insurance but I have no idea how much they cover. My little broken ankle was so far 15,000 that’s alot of money. One thing that you have to be careful of though is I received my bill which was not itemized. I kind of wanted to see what made up this cost and so requested an itemized bill and upon looking at it realized they charged me for 1 more screw then was in my ankle (I have the picture) and they charged me for 3 physical therapy sessions and I only had two. You have to be careful and for all those people that don’t have insurance get some! That’s just my recommendation after seeing these bills I can’t imagine not having some.

Broken Ankle

Well I had some excitement this past weekend. I was helping my brother move out of his place after he graduated. My mom and I were moving a mattress down the stairs and I thought I was down all of the stairs and I wasn’t. I missed one and my left ankle twisted and sprained slightly and my other ankle went snap crackle pop! I knew instantaneously that it was broken. I helped that there was a huge bump! So in Eau Claire they did Conscious Sedation and set my foot. They said I wouldn’t remember but I remembered them setting it although it was dulled thank goodness. Then I got put on pain medication and we drove back from Eau Claire to our Hometown of Waconia. There I got checked into the Ridgeview Medical Center where the next morning I had surgery. Apparently I broke all three bones possible in my ankle. Talented I am. So now I’m on pain pills and off from work for a week. I’m going to be going stir crazy I have a feeling. Any good websites that any one is aware of to waste time I would appreciate.