Medical Insurance-Hospital Bills

Well as I said I broke my leg the other week and let me tell you I don’t like seeing how much things cost. Luckily I have medical insurance but I have no idea how much they cover. My little broken ankle was so far 15,000 that’s alot of money. One thing that you have to be careful of though is I received my bill which was not itemized. I kind of wanted to see what made up this cost and so requested an itemized bill and upon looking at it realized they charged me for 1 more screw then was in my ankle (I have the picture) and they charged me for 3 physical therapy sessions and I only had two. You have to be careful and for all those people that don’t have insurance get some! That’s just my recommendation after seeing these bills I can’t imagine not having some.

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  1. The ankle is hanging in there I have hit the point where I just want the cast off. A week and a half until it comes off I’m a little nervous though as one side is getting a little sore I’m sure its just healing pains! I’ve heard the transition from cast to walking cast/boot isn’t a totally smooth transition though. I hate being dependent on crutches:) I’m an independent person so having to have someone drive me and rely on crutches is a long 6 weeks let me tell you.
    Thanks for asking!

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