Twilight Movie Widget

As most of you may already know I’m addicted to the Twilight series.  In fact I just finished the fourth book in the series Breaking Dawn which surprised me but I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.  The next thing to look forward to in this series is the movie which comes out on 11/21/2008.  I’m very intrigued with it to see how much like the book it is.  I have seen several previews and it looks really good!  My husband being the tech-savvy guy that he is was nice enough to create me a widget to countdown to the movie.  Nothing fancy but for all of us out there looking forward to the movie I thought I would share this!  Enjoy!!

Wall-E Merchandise & why there is a lack of it

So my husband has been looking for Wall-E merchandise since it came out.  I have come to a conclusion though why its not everywhere like some movie merchandise.  The whole movie is about how people have so much waste that I think it actually makes allot of sense that there isn’t merchandise everywhere.  I have read allot of posts about Wall-E stating that its ironic that Disney is making a movie about how much waste there is everywhere and that this movie would just create alot of waste.  Seriously though if you look at say Wal-Mart or Target its hard to find anything Wall-E related.  I’m not sure if that’s the reason behind it or not but I thought it was interesting.

Netflix Review

We have had Netflix for 4 months now and I have to say we are thoroughly impressed.  We are on the 2 unlimited plan and it works out well.  I thought I would tell you the positives and negatives (at least what I have seen in my short experience).  When you first start up the movies arrive extremely fast and always the ones at the very top of your queue.  After you have been a member for a while (probably about a month) the top ones aren’t usually the ones that you receive.  This could of course be because I have a big list of movies I want to see that you can choose from.  Sometimes they will ship from locations farther away I’m in Minneapolis so we have a shipping area here but sometimes we get them from Kansas or New York.  If that happens in my experience it takes about twice as long for the movies to get there.  Although I do have to say most of the time my movies have been received within a day and the next sent out within a day of being received.  Plus every movie that I have looked for has been in there including tv series and the old movies that you can’t find at the movie store anymore.  I think the website is very easy to use and I love that they recommend movies based off of your reviews of the movies you have watched.  Sometimes you find a movie that you absolutely love.  Sometimes not so much.  Anyways thats my two cents for the day!  What do you all think?

Controversial Golden Compass

So I just recently got sent a link to a Snopes editorial about a new movie coming out.  Usually I don’t care one way or another but I thought this was interesting so I thought I would write about this.  Its called the Golden Compass.  It has Nicole Kidman in it and it comes out in December.  According to the email and according to Snopes this movie is a book made into a movie which was written by an atheist whose desire is to wipe God out of kids beliefs.  This is book is part of a series in which the last book has a girl and boy portraying Adam and Eve and they kill God.  I would say this movie should stir up quite a bit of controversy.  I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to believe what they want but I don’t believe views should be pushed on people.  Hopefully this isn’t what this movie is trying to do.  Any thoughts?

X-Men 3: Very good

So the other weekend we went and saw X-Men 3 which I was very excited about because I loved the first two movies. I can honestly say that it lived up to its hype it was a great movie with humor, action, and romance all of the makings of a great movie in my mind. The only thing that was only so so was that it was basically the same as the first two with a few waging war against Magneto. I figure there is probably going to be a fourth because they hinted at it in the end and even though they are all the same they still are worth spending 2 hours enjoying them. So I would give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Chronicles of Narnia-Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe

I was very excited when I first heard they had decided to make the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe into a movie. I had read the book when I was younger and loved it and was intrigued with how they would do it. I think it came off pretty well. The youngest girl in the movie just came off annoying to me but I have a hard time finding young actors good. Even my husband who had never even heard of the movie enjoyed it and I was worried that he would get a little lost in the plot. One thing I would have to say is that you have to keep an open mind with movies like this as drawing in all these imaginary creatures sometimes not everyone enjoys it. This book always reminded me of the Lord of the Rings and I have to say I think the Lord of the Rings did a better job making the movie but this one is designed more for a younger audience. Now I bought a set of all the chronicles of narnia since I haven’t read the whole set and I’m sure they will make more of the movies so I have to get caught up!

King Kong-Excellent!

We rented the movie King Kong on Friday night and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. I had heard mixed reviews about it when it first came out and heard that it was like 3 hours long and therefore did not want to go to it in the theatre as who wants to sit that long in those uncomfortable seats. We rented it and I knew the basic concept but I thought they did a wonderful job on it. It drew me in most of the time, there were a few slower spots but overall it came off great. There was comedy, romance, and scary scenes. Something for everyone I give it a 5 out of 5 the only thing I hated about it which I knew was going to happen was the end its just sad!

Just Like Heaven-Reese Witherspoon

So I have always liked Reese Witherspoon in movies and so was looking forward the movie “Just Like Heaven”. It was a great movie just for a fun non-earth shattering movie. I enjoyed this movie which is all about this lady (Reese) who gets into a car accident and in the mean time her family puts her apartment up for lease and in moves a guy who is working thru the death of his wife. After some humorous confusion they figure out whats going on and figure out that she’s in a coma and they of course fall in love along the way. Its just a good, fun, humorous movie. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. My husband rated it 4 out of 5 also so that at least gives you a girl and guys perspective.