Netflix Review

We have had Netflix for 4 months now and I have to say we are thoroughly impressed.  We are on the 2 unlimited plan and it works out well.  I thought I would tell you the positives and negatives (at least what I have seen in my short experience).  When you first start up the movies arrive extremely fast and always the ones at the very top of your queue.  After you have been a member for a while (probably about a month) the top ones aren’t usually the ones that you receive.  This could of course be because I have a big list of movies I want to see that you can choose from.  Sometimes they will ship from locations farther away I’m in Minneapolis so we have a shipping area here but sometimes we get them from Kansas or New York.  If that happens in my experience it takes about twice as long for the movies to get there.  Although I do have to say most of the time my movies have been received within a day and the next sent out within a day of being received.  Plus every movie that I have looked for has been in there including tv series and the old movies that you can’t find at the movie store anymore.  I think the website is very easy to use and I love that they recommend movies based off of your reviews of the movies you have watched.  Sometimes you find a movie that you absolutely love.  Sometimes not so much.  Anyways thats my two cents for the day!  What do you all think?

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