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As most of you may already know I’m addicted to the Twilight series.  In fact I just finished the fourth book in the series Breaking Dawn which surprised me but I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.  The next thing to look forward to in this series is the movie which comes out on 11/21/2008.  I’m very intrigued with it to see how much like the book it is.  I have seen several previews and it looks really good!  My husband being the tech-savvy guy that he is was nice enough to create me a widget to countdown to the movie.  Nothing fancy but for all of us out there looking forward to the movie I thought I would share this!  Enjoy!!

3 thoughts on “Twilight Movie Widget

  1. Great serie ! But we can always re-read the books and watch the movies one more time Hopefully JK will do what Stephanie Meyers is doing. Character studies in shorter novella format. There are so many things we dont’ know about Dumbledore, Snape, the Malfoy family, and many others. I hope that she will miss them enough to write a sequel to harry potter

  2. I have now updated my post and my husband has updated the countdown just not the picture so I will have him update that if possible.

    I hold alot of hope for the movie too although some of the previews worry me that its not quite going to meet my hopes but I will still have to see it. Plus then my husband can get a little bit of an idea of what I was reading.

  3. Actually…

    The Twilight movie is coming out November 21st.

    That was the date that “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” was to be released, but the movie bastards decided to move it back due to last springs writers strike. See, since no one was writing, there are really no movies that would be ready in time for Summer ’09 release, so in order to make sure that there was something they could make a butt-ton of money from, Harry Potter will now be released next summer, which meant that Twilight got bumped up to the Harry Potter release date.

    Okay – that was a lot of info. I was PISSED when they moved HP back, but at the same time, that means Twilight will come sooner…I just hope it’s not incredibly lame, I’m not holding out much hope for it…but I would love to be pleasantly surprised by it.

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