Wall-E Merchandise & why there is a lack of it

So my husband has been looking for Wall-E merchandise since it came out.  I have come to a conclusion though why its not everywhere like some movie merchandise.  The whole movie is about how people have so much waste that I think it actually makes allot of sense that there isn’t merchandise everywhere.  I have read allot of posts about Wall-E stating that its ironic that Disney is making a movie about how much waste there is everywhere and that this movie would just create alot of waste.  Seriously though if you look at say Wal-Mart or Target its hard to find anything Wall-E related.  I’m not sure if that’s the reason behind it or not but I thought it was interesting.

2 thoughts on “Wall-E Merchandise & why there is a lack of it

  1. Wes~

    I told my husband who is in charge of the website in general that he needs to fix the 2 year site. He says he will take care of it tonight. I can’t quite do a three year update since I haven’t reached the three year mark yet. Every day is better though. I read this post and asked my husband how long it had been since I broke my ankle so does that tell you how well my ankle is doing. Besides the scars and here and there pain with weather changes I don’t really notice the difference anymore. I am still careful with it but not like I used to. Hopefully that helps! I will get my husband to fix the site so its better!

  2. Hello Christi =)

    I LOVED Wall-E.. where’d you guys find the little wall-E??

    My Name’s Wes, Im one of the many GrEaTful people who have found your anklebreakers site and recieved GrEaT advise and been able to have permenant friends and others who understand.

    Thank You.. I hope you see this =)

    You should pop in and say Hi.. we’re bogging down but still high in spirits on that link =) could you shoot us a 3 year update… orrrr possibly help us with a new string? =).. let everyone know how smooth its gotten and that eventually life going on around you puts the ankle surgery in the back of your mind =))… it may take a while to load, but we’d love to hear from ya =)

    Thanks again, Wes
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