Breaking Dawn Widget

I have written before that I was totally addicted to the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer.  Well in August the fourth book in the series comes out called Breaking Dawn.  I think this is the last book in the series and I have already pre-ordered mine as I can’t wait to read it.  My husband was kind enough to created me a cool countdown widget to anticipate this book.  I encourage any and all who are addicted to this series to pre-order the book and get the widget!!!

6 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn Widget

  1. I LOVE twilight series…………Read them all like 15 times…… Saw eclipse it was totally AWESOME!!!! TEAM EDWARD…………But my fav caractor is sooooooo Jasper

  2. Hey my name’s Kath and im 15! I love the Twilight series alot. Can’t wait for breaking dawn
    it comes out on the 4th over here.. so thats
    29 days. i cant wait for the movie as well, its
    gonna be so amazing !!
    ah i soound like a fan girl haha

  3. Mine doesn’t get why I like the books either but he’s not much of a reader. He thought I was crazy when I suggested making a widget that had a different quote or idea from the books each week. Apparently that didn’t happen maybe for the Twilight movie widget he’s going to create.

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