Walt Disney World-Not just for Kids!!!

When looking for a place to vacation there is a allot to consider (enough to do, too much to do, how long you are going for, etc).  So when we decided to plan a week long vacation we narrowed it down to four spots (limited because I haven’t gotten my passport yet:) Much to my husbands dismay).  We had it narrowed down to San Diego (I have been there before and loved it), San Antonio (neither of us have been there but we have heard rave reviews), Colorado (I have been to parts and loved it and my brother was out there and so could recommend great places to go), and Walt Disney World (I had never been).  We kept tossing and turning around ideas but finally after reassurance from my husband that we would still have fun even though it usually more of a family place we decided to go to Walk Disney World.

We were both very excited since its not too often you get a week off from work but yet I was still a little nervous that it would be a little young for us (OK maybe not us since my husband is a total kid at heart but at least me).  I have to say though after going it is allot of fun!  I would actually recommend going to people who don’t have kids just because once you get kids its allot of work and allot of money.  (I can’t even imagine).  We went for a week and there was still allot that we didn’t get to.  Here’s my breakdown of the parks:

Magic Kingdom:  Definitely for the young at heart or just the young, they try to get a few rides for the older crowd too (Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Big Thunder Mountain Roller Coaster, and Space Mountain) but still probably the mildest of the parks.

Epcot:  This would probably be my second favorite park, its got a few rides for the older crowd (Mission Space, Test Track) plus its got the World which is kind of cool, food and drinks from all over the world…. this is definitely themed for the older crowd with alcohol flowing freely and food to your hearts content.

Hollywood Studios:  This was probably my favorite park even though its the smallest.  It has the most mature rides or shows of any of the Disney Parks.  Some of my favorites were Tower of Terror, Rocking Roller Coaster, Stunt Show.  

Animal Kingdom:  I think I got a bad impression of this park and so I’m not the best to review but here’s what I know and why I’m biased:  It was PACKED the day we went there hard to even move amongst so many people plus half way through the day it started to downpour and did so for at least an hour.  I did love the safari though that was a blast and its a huge park that I think we could have spent more time there.  

Non-Disney Park: 

Universal Studios:  I liked this park although wish I would have gone to Island of Adventure instead (its sister park).  This park had allot of fun shows (Fear Factor, Shrek 4-D, Twister, Disaster) but its hours were shorter and the two parks are right next to each other but you have to pay 70 dollars per adult per park to get in which is awfully pricey for the size of the park.  Island of Adventure was more of the roller coaster park and so I think we would have really enjoyed it.  The one ride that was really cool even though it had an extremely long wait for was the Simpson’s Ride which opened up shortly before we got there.  

Places we didn’t make it but I would have liked to:

Sea World, Islands of Adventure, Kennedy Space Center, The Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach.

We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside which I also highly recommend for adults without kids along (Old southern styled mansions, 7 pools, etc).  If you stay at the Disney Resorts make sure to partake in there mean plan as you get way more food then you can possibly eat and definitely worth the money!!

So that’s the synopsis….. allot of fun but now I’m back at work….. sad!!

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