Pregnancy and old broken ankle equal very swollen ankle

So I broke my ankle now about four years ago and chose to left the metal in as my doctor stated that it would make it stronger.  I don’t regret that as I haven’t had any issues with it.  Every summer though my ankle swells a bit and I wonder if it has something to do with the metal (foreign objects) in my ankle.  This year on top of it being summer I’m pregnant, nine months as of now and for the past several weeks (since about July) my ankle that I broke several years ago gets so swollen I wish I could stick a pin in it to let the liquid/air out of it:).  I now wear compression socks at night to try and keep it down during the day.  My doctor says that its normal as my other ankle somewhat swells up also.  Its just part of the fun of pregnancy in combination with old injuries I guess but let me tell you I don’t care for my cankle look too much!

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