Baby coming soon August 2009

Well I thought I would write and ask for any and all advice.  We are going to be having our first child in August.  Currently I’m five months along.  So far I have been lucky no sickness, not much weight gain (yet), everything has been going smoothly.  We had our ultrasound on Friday and so far as we know everything looks good but we will have to see after we meet with the doctor on Monday.  What I’m looking for is advice, advice on where to find good maternity clothes, where to find good kids deals, how to be a working mom and balance life and work, etc.  I’m looking for any and all advice you have to give.  Thanks for the help!

4 thoughts on “Baby coming soon August 2009

  1. I think that the first thing you should do after having the baby is to tell Grandpa and the uncles that it is just fine, when the baby gets a little older, to sugar it up, get it all hyped up, and then send it home!!!!!!
    Isn’t that Grandpa and the uncles job ?!?!?!?!?

  2. I have found the book ‘What to Expect the First Year’ to be a great resource.

    As a brand new mom I don’t have much advice beyond that. What I’ve learned so far is the beginning is a complete guessing game as to what they want. Some things that worked yesterday don’t work today.

    Also, it could be a baby-specific thing, but Audrey really likes her Mommy bear (the bear that makes the sound of a heartbeat). That will quiet her down more frequently than anything else we have tried!

    Best of luck!

  3. Hi Christi, I know you from the broken ankle blog, and when I spotted this, I just had to wish you and Thomas congratulations. I am afraid I am too old to have any great suggestions about baby things, as I am more of the grandma vintage, except to say don’t buy too much “stuff” because babies grow very quickly. Of course it goes without saying, give that baby lots of love. That’s what it needs most. I will also keep my fingers crossed for you, that as you do begin to gain some weight that it does not affect your ankle. Wishing all good things for your little family. Lois

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