Harry Potter Theme Park

I don’t know how many of you people out there are fond of the Harry Potter books but I know that I am.  I started with the movies (later than most people) and got addicted from there.  I now have finished the 6th book Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince.  Now I can’t wait until the 7th book comes out and the 5th movie:)!  Today though I read online that they are creating a Harry Potter Theme Park.  I think that would be cool to see where they go with the story line.  I’m not sure if its going to be amazing or if it will wreck the authenticity of the books.  These books remind me of Lord of Rings which I’m a huge fan of also and its great the way they are getting kids back into reading but now a theme park, I’m just not sure.  We have to capitalize where ever we can I suppose.  What do you think?

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