Bringing a puppy into a two cat household

So I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have a dog, especially during the summer when you are always out and about.  My only concern with getting a puppy is that I already have two very spoiled cats.  I don’t want to cause them to get royally pissed off and I’m wondering if they will adjust to it or it that would push them over the edge.  When we got our second cat our first cat took several months for her to adjust to having another cat in the household.  We even took the time and introduced them slowly and even did it right after we moved so that she wouldn’t feel quite so much like the queen of the domain.  I don’t know how well she or the other one who is a chicken thru and thru would adapt.  My brother has a young dog that I was thinking of bringing over one of these days to see how the cats would do especially since this one just loves to play especially with cats.  Any tips or advice on how you think my cats would handle this?

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