Hair Cuts for Cats

Well its spring again and most of you cat owners know what that means…. shedding.  We have a short haired cat and a long haired cat.  Our short haired cat won’t let us brush her and sheds quite a bit but she’s skittish so there is not much to do there.  Our long haired cat lets us brush him for a while but it seems that we never get all of it out before he gets fed up.  So yesterday we decided to go to a little more drastic measures.  We decided to trim his hair with a razor.  He actually laid there pretty calm and let us trim his hair up.  I was impressed.  I do have to say that he looks pretty good also!  Does anyone have any suggestions on hair brushes that cat don’t seem to mind and get most of the hair out?  Or has anyone else done this?

One thought on “Hair Cuts for Cats

  1. most cats will let you brush them if you use a slicker brush. Its got metal bristles so it feels good, but you have to be careful if you brush to hard the cat can get scratched

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