How to get cats to get along?

We have now had 2 cats for a year one we have had in our family 3 years and one just one year. One Sassy, is a female, and Chunk is a male. Now most of the time we live in easy going with the cats accepting each other fine but Sassy still is awfully pissy with Chunk sometimes. Now to give you a little more detail Chunk is a cat who loves everyone, every night he curls up in my neck with his paws kneading either side of my neck, he scares easily but we think that comes from being brought to Minnesota from Las Vegas. Sassy on the other hand was adopted out of a loving home but has always been a little standoffish and wanted attention when she wants it. We adopted Chunk about a month after we moved into our first house thinking that that would be better then when Sassy had dominated the place for her life. The first two months were really hard because sassy wanted nothing to do with chunk which was ok because we had to keep them separated anyways because Chunk had an upper respiratory infection. Finally we decided that it was time to bring them together slowly which sassy still hated; she was curious but pissy. Slowly she decided he wasn’t going anywhere and stopped hissing and swatting at the kitten regularly. Still though if he wants to be near her she gets pissy and swats him or if he is in a spot she wants she does that. They play viciously where hair comes flying and you hear yowling and growling but yet in the next breath the share a chair in front of an outside door. Is this normal cat behavior? I just wonder if they are ever going to get along better?

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