Apple Stores-Discrimination Against Women

My co-worker informed me the other day of something that astounded me. She informed me that she hates going to Apple stores (loves the products but hates the stores). I asked her why that was and she told me it was because she feels they discriminate against women. So I asked her to explain herself.

Just the other day she went into the Apple Store in Southdale Mall in Edina, MN to buy a radio/speaker set for her iPod. She had tried one before and it made her iPod music too radio sounding. Therefore she decided that she would go to an actual Apple store where she could ask what was causing this and what set they would recommend. She was willing to spend whatever amount on it to find a good one.

She went in one evening, there were 4 males working and no one else in the store. She was not greeted but went on her way to look. She found the area that she was looking for and wasn’t sure which to get and so looked over at a clerk for assistance. They ignored her. So she just decided on one and figured she would ask about it when she went to check out, figuring they would have to give her service then. But instead when she tried to ask her question they just replied that it will happen on all systems and just told her to pick one. She finished her purchase and left.

After that I asked her if this was the only time and the only store this had happened at. To which she replied this had happened at both the Mall of America Store and Southdale store on several different occasions. The only time she had actually received service was when she went to the Mall of America store and her friend was working. Of course then she received lots of attention.

I have never been in an Apple store without my husband so I don’t if what she is saying would happen to everyone but its happened enough times to my co-worker to raise a voice or a concern. It is terribly if this is what is truly happening at the Apple stores to twenty-some aged women.

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  1. I convinced my mother-in-law to purchase an iBook last year (or was it the year before?). And she has reported to ME similar kinds of things happening when she would goto the Apple Store without her husband.

    At one point a “genius” refused to fix her laptop that had broken due to some patch that Apple had released. Fortunately she had been there a few times before and had become friendly with the manager and her laptop got fixed, but it was his flat out refusal that got to me.

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