Wii-Interative fun for all ages

So we finally got a Wii on Thursday of this week and we have been addictive ever since.  It comes with the games Wii sports which includes Golf, Boxing, Baseball, Bowling, and Tennis and I’m not a big sports buff but I thought I would try it out and much to my surprise it was a ton of fun.  You hold the Wii remote like you would a bat or a golf club and swing it just like you would if you were playing a real game.  You can get really into these games and get a good workout from them.  I think this was the smartest thing Nintendo could do in this day and age where all the kids are getting obese from sitting around and playing video games.  Instead now they actually have to move around.  I think this could grab people of all age ranges because its very easy to use and its a ton of fun.

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