Fall Activities in Minnesota

It is Fall again and that means changing leaf colors, cooler temperatures, and for most people staying indoors more often.  For me I’m always looking for something new and interesting to try, indoors or outdoors.  Last weekend we went to Deardorff Orchards just outside of Waconia, MN and picked apples.  It was alot of fun and they have many different kinds of apples there.  We tried many and ended up getting Honeycrisp apples, although we want to go back later when Honey Gold apples are ready to be picked.  Now I just need apple recipes, anyone have any good ones?

Another good fall activity I think would be to go horse riding and enjoy the changing leaf colors.  I can’t seem to find any places in the southwestern metro for beginners to go horse riding though.  Any ideas?

Another one that we have done before is going to the Severs Corn Maize.  It’s huge!!  We went right after I got off crutches and so I didn’t make it all the way through before my ankle bothered me.  Its impressive they can come up with these designs though.  Its a little pricey but its got a neat idea behind it and has things for all ages.

What are some of your favorite fall activities?  We are always looking for new things to do!

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