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Parent, Software Engineer & Blogger

I’m a Senior Software Engineer working at Nerdery in Minneapolis, MN. I specialize in WordPress development but also do front-end development as well. I’m also pretty versed in SEO and Google Analytics. Being a nerd is a great job as I’m always working on something new, working with someone new, or taking on a new challenge.

Since I’m a nerd I also run many of my own sites. I’m the webmaster for about six other sites. I feel that one of the best ways to learn is to code and see what happens. I’m a big WordPress fan and I’m always coding, updating, theming or hacking one of my sites to add new features and functionality.

I have quite a few other side creations as well. From Twitter weather alerts to WordPress plugins, I like to dabble in code and see what I can create. Quite a few of my creations are no longer active however as I now spend most of my time being a dad and having fun offline.

I have one amazing little girl who is growing up too fast. So whenever we get a chance to go for a walk, hit up a park, or just spend family time together, it’s always the first priority.

I also love to be outdoors and I’m fascinated by the weather. One great thing about living in Minnesota is the weather is always changing and unpredictable. From the snow to the heat, I love it all.

If you’re looking to connect with me, find me on Twitter or on one of the many social networks. Just do a search for TwisterMc and you’ll find me.

– Thomas aka TwisterMc

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