Here are some of my side projects. I don’t quite get as much time as I use to, but a few projects are still active.

GitHub Logo

Where all my random code lives. 🙂

WordPress Logo

PDF.js Viewer
WordPress plugin that integrates Mozilla’s PDFjs into WordPress.

WordPress plugin to add documentation into the WordPress admin.

A Translucent Firefox Theme

It's a beaver with a hat.

Beaver Builder Mobile Search
Add a search box to Beaver Builder on mobile.

Themed Login BB
Theme the WordPress login screen with the logo added to Beaver Builder.

Slick Slider Module
A slick slider module for Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder Modules
Some custom modules for Beaver Builder sites.

Search Icon

TW Search Overlay
Adds a search icon, and search overlay, to WordPress sites.

Older Projects

- Active Project
Handy little script to add a Facebook tab to a Facebook page.
- Inactive Project
Tool created with a friend that just returns your Facebook user ID. No longer active.
- Active Project
Bringing weather watches and warnings to users automatically via Twitter.
- Active Project
Scattered around throughout the blog are some of the desktop pictures I’ve created.
Fireox Theme - Inactive Project
iPox is my most successful Firefox theme. The designed started out a bit like an iPod, then it grew into its own creation.
Fireox Theme - Inactive Project
I love Christmas and Firefox wouldn’t be complete without a holiday theme to match the season!
Firefox Theme - Inactive Project
MidnightFox is an attempt to create a dark, yet usable, Firefox theme.
Small, green, simple Firefox theme - Inactive Project
Small, green, simple Firefox theme.
Firefox Theme - Inactive Project
PinkHope is a Firefox theme to help spread awareness for breast cancer.
Firefox Theme - Inactive Project
A spinoff of iPox with bright blue buttons to bring a bit more jazz to the already popular theme.
Firefox Theme - Inactive Project
Spinnoff of MidnightFox with all new buttons that pop.
Firefox Theme - Inactive Project
Designed to be different, yet usable.
Firefox Theme - Inactive Project
Taking a few tips from Apple’s and a Firefox mockup, iAqua brought the Apple like interface to reality.
Firefox Theme - Inactive Project
Spinnoff of MidnightFox for Halloween with Jack Skellingtion and his crew mixed in.
Firefox Theme Tutorial - Inactive Project
Tutorials on how to create Firefox themes.
Firefox Extension - Inactive Project
A SEO Firefox extension that gives the user quick access to site information via search engines and the social web.
Firefox Extension - Inactive Project
GA? is a Firefox extension that checks a webpage to see if Google Analytics is installed on it.
Thunderbird Theme - Inactive Project
My first, and only, attempt at a Thunderbird theme.
WordPress Plugin - Inactive Project
The Chicklet Creator is an easy to use WordPress plugin for creating RSS subscription buttons.
WordPress Plugin - Inactive Project
This social bookmark WordPress plugin makes it easy to add links to your favorite social networking sites.
Adobe Air & Web App - Inactive Project
One application that brings together many social networking sites.
Adobe Air App - Inactive Project
Simple Adobe Air app that allows you to view and update your Plurk timeline.
Firefox Sidebar - Inactive Project
View your timeline and update Plurk from Firefox’s sidebar.
Firefox Sidebar - Inactive Project
See your friends updates and update your status via Firefox’s sidebar.
Firefox Sidebar - Inactive Project
See what’s happening across multiple social networks with Socialthing.
Growl Style - Inactive Project
Growl notification style to look like a Christmas present.
Growl Style - Inactive Project
Growl notification style specifically for email alerts.