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iPox 3

iPox – Mozilla Firefox Theme

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iPox 3

iPox is a Mozilla Firefox theme loosely based off the classic iPod and Apple GUI. Ok, that’s where it started, it has since evolved into a sleek theme of blues and whites.

iPox 3 Information

iPox 3 includes some completely re-designed elements, quite a few bug fixes and address some compatibility issues with Firefox 3.6. iPox fans will love the updated theme and if you haven’t tried it out before, it’s worth the install.

To get the iPox Aqua buttons, you’ll need to:

1. Install Stylish

2. Create a new style and use this code:
#back-forward-dropmarker {
list-style-image: url("chrome://browser/skin/custom/ToolbariAqua.png") !important;
#stylish-toolbar-button {
list-style-image: url("chrome://stylish/skin/s1-24.png") !important;
toolbar[iconsize="small"] #stylish-toolbar-button {
list-style-image: url("chrome://stylish/skin/s1-16.png") !important;

iPox 2 Information

iPox 2 has been completely re-coded for Firefox 3, however the same look and feel has been kept.

Note: At this time, most hacks from iPox 1 have not been worked into iPox 2.

iPox 1 Information

With iPox 1.0 it makes a huge step forward. I started from scratch throwing out all the previous iPox code in order to create the best possible version for Firefox 2.0. While working though the code, I found more areas to theme and areas that needed fixing up. iPox has come a long way from version 0.7x which was developed for Firefox 1.5. iPox 1.0 leaves Firefox 1.x behind and embraces Firefox 2.0 fully.

Not only is the theme more complete, it also comes with a few options. That’s right, I added some code for all those that have expressed dislikes to a few certain areas. Just grab Stylish and go to town.

1) Don’t like the blue bar? Turn it into a metal/gray bar by using this code:
@import url(“chrome://global/skin/extra/bookmarks-bar2.css”);

2) Need more color behind the buttons? Add a bright blue, Apple like, bar with this code:
@import url(“chrome://global/skin/extra/toolbar2.css”);

3) In love with the old status bar? Get it back with this code:
@import url(“chrome://global/skin/extra/statusbar2.css”);

4) Kill bookmark icons in the bookmarks bar with this code:
toolbarbutton.bookmark-item > .toolbarbutton-icon { display: none; }

5) Customize the bookmarks bar any way you want.

Change Personal Toolbar Background Color
#PersonalToolbar { background: #e5e5e5 !important; }

Change Personal Toolbar Background Image
#PersonalToolbar { background: url(“yourImage.png”) repeat-x !important; }

Change Personal Toolbar Text Color
.toolbarbutton-text { color: #464646 !important; }

See most the iPox hacks enabled. This screenshot is with them all enabled, you can choose to only do one if you wish.

6) If you have your bookmarks bar replaced with the bookmark bar, use this code for nice tags:
.yb-tag-item { color: #CCD4F5; list-style-image: url(chrome://global/skin/icons/tag.png) !important; }

7) Want the old Apple like throbber?

@import url(“chrome://global/skin/extra/old-throbber.css”);

I hope you enjoy iPox and please let me know what bugs come up. Also, if you use some of the hacks above to customize your install of iPox, feel free to drop a link to the image and show it off.

Version 3 Updates:
– Completely re-designed address bar utilizing CSS.
– Integrated iPox Aqua.
– Re-designed scrollbars.
– Brought back the Mac throbber.
– Fixed the full screen button.
– Fixed a number of other items.

Version 2.071508 Updates:
– First public release for Firefox 3 with a whole new code base.
– Toolbars are all blue now too.

Version 1.3 Updates:
– Fission Support (as good as I can get)
– AddBlock Plus Fixes (I think)
– Added New Tab Button on Tab Bar Extension Support
– Old Throbber Hack

Version 1.2 Updates:
– New Throbber
– Addon’s separator themed.
– Colored tabs working??
– ForcastFox/Statusbar Separators cleanup.
– Tiny Dot by Go Button gone.
– Linux crashes fixed (I hope)

Version 1.1 Updates:
– Fix to secure URL background.
– Bigger Big Buttons and more normal sized small buttons.
– Sage icon comes back. (thanks Jon Hicks)
– All in One Sidebar code. (not sure how well that works)