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I’m no professional photographer, but I do love to take photos.

Valleyfair Flooding – June 28th 2024

We visited Valleyfair on June 28th and were amazed by the flooding. The Minnesota River has completely submerged the parking lot, forcing visitors to park off-site and take shuttle buses to the park. Valleyfair has also set up a temporary gravel entrance next to Delirious, as the main entrance is currently inaccessible. Once in the […]

Ai Image Generation and Social Network – NightCafe

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with AI image generators. Simply input your desired image, and voilà! In just a matter of seconds, Ai creates an image. Whether it’s a specific theme, a particular style, or anything you can imagine, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Here are some images I created with […]

How the Grinch Stole Hanukkah.

This stealing of another holiday is brought to you by AI. AI, who seems to think the Grinch just peers through doors to surprise little Jewish people. Plus, one Grinch has a tail and another a fur coat? Watch out kids, your dreidels and menorahs are about to disappear!

Good times on the farm.

Lily always likes vising my parent’s farm because she gets to do things she doesn’t usually get to do. Of course, Lily found a kitten. The farm has more than a few cats, but not usually super friendly ones. However, one love getting held, followed us around, and enjoyed Lily as much as she enjoyed […]

Went to the mall to feed a Capybara.

This past weekend, we meet some wild animals at Sustainable Safari in Maplewood Mall. Lily had the opportunity to interact with her latest animal obsession, the Capybara. Capybaras are pretty cute when they’re small, and kinda cute, in a weird way, when they grow up, too. Sustainable Safari had all sorts of animals including goats, […]

Snow Day!

Snow days seem few and far between these days, but Lily got one today. Granted, now they’re called distant learning days, but no one does anything except go out and play in the snow. I still had to work, but was able to enjoy the snow on my morning walk and from my home office.

Kitty Piddle Pop – It’s SODAsgusting

We visited Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store over the weekend and I picked up some Kitty Piddle pop. It’s supposed to be SODAsgusting, but it was pretty good. It’s pineapple orange flavor and I’d recommend it. Avery’s makes other great gross flavors too like Bug Barf, Alien Snot, Worm Ooze, and Unicorn Yack, among others. If […]