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Halloween 2023

We’ve been having a lot of Halloween fun this year and keeping ourselves busy. Pumpkin Carving We carved 6 pumpkins; two of which we grew ourselves. We have Ghostface, Bowser, Tiny Face, two scary face pumpkins, and one that’s full of hearts and holes. Trunk or Treat We volunteered at our church and decorated our […]

Good times on the farm.

Lily always likes vising my parent’s farm because she gets to do things she doesn’t usually get to do. Of course, Lily found a kitten. The farm has more than a few cats, but not usually super friendly ones. However, one love getting held, followed us around, and enjoyed Lily as much as she enjoyed […]

Second 5k and we are 3 minutes faster!

Lily and I participated in our second 5k over the weekend, and we were both faster. Not sure what a good improvement is, but we were both about 3 minutes faster than last year. Lily ran 30 minutes 12 seconds which is 6.17 mph and I ran 30 minutes 24 seconds which is 6.13 mph. […]

I ran two miles today!

This is right up there with that one time I touched my toes a few months back. I’ve also been doing pull-ups for months now, and I’m up to five-ish! I guess you could say I’m getting in shape. You should see how quickly I can demolish this bag of chocolates now.

Our cat Griffin seems to like Legos.

Etihier Griffin likes Legos, or he’s jealous of them. Every time we sit down to build something, he comes and joins us. Usually sitting right on top of the pieces we need. He’s even tried to eat a few before. He’s a strange cat.

Went to the mall to feed a Capybara.

This past weekend, we meet some wild animals at Sustainable Safari in Maplewood Mall. Lily had the opportunity to interact with her latest animal obsession, the Capybara. Capybaras are pretty cute when they’re small, and kinda cute, in a weird way, when they grow up, too. Sustainable Safari had all sorts of animals including goats, […]

@#?!! Musk – Stop Killing Twitter

I’ve been on Twitter for 16 years and leaving it seems unreal, but Elon is killing it. I really didn’t get Twitter when it started, it seemed pointless. However, over the years I learned to love it. I have friends on there, I follow brands I’m interested in, I keep up with local businesses & […]

One AirPod lost sound? Try sucking on it.

Last summer I had an incident with my AirPods (2nd gen) where the left AirPod stopped producing sound. Actually, it was just really muffled unless I twisted the AirPod so it pointed at my nose. Last week I found a solution, suck on it. I figured this out after I came across a Reddit thread […]