New to Beaver Builder? Check out this quick start guide.

Beaver Builder editor with quick start button selected.

If you haven’t heard of Beaver Builder before, then it’s worth checking out. Beaver Builder is a page builder for WordPress that gives you a lot of pre-built modules and you just have to drag and drop them onto the screen to build the site you want.

If you’re new to Beaver Builder, or just want a quick high-level intro, check out the Beaver Builder quick start guide I created.

I’ve been using Beaver Builder for over two years now and I really like it. It’s built on WordPress standards, it is very flexible, works with most (if not all) WordPress plugins, and is easy to extend. I don’t feel restricted which allows me to create some great websites. This is why I recommend it.


Welcome Zero

A week ago we adopted a dog. His name is Zero and he’s a lot of fun.

Zero is a tiny little thing at only 10 pounds. He actually makes our cat look big. He’ll get a little bit bigger, but not too big.

He’s also kinda of lazy too. I don’t think he’s your typical puppy. He’s easily moldable, is always up for naps, and he has a tendency to do the army crawl when playing. Its like he wants to play, but doesn’t want to move too much.

Granted, he does have his typical puppy moments when he gets super energized and runs around like a mad man. However, you have to encourage him to do that, otherwise he’ll just curl up on your lap and sleep.

Zero is mainly Lily’s dog. Someone for her to play with and sleep with at night; well once he’s fully trained.

Sleeping with Lily

Sleeping with Lily

We did have a two dogs temporarily last year, but they didn’t work out. Archie caused some strange allergy reactions so we had to give him back and Marshmallow had heartworm so we gave him to a shelter that would give him the treatments to save his life.

Zero’s background and health is much more known and we’re happy to give him a good home.


Wife made some awesome fire ice cream tonight!


Watching one of my favorite Christmas movies with Lily.


WordPress Ugly Christmas Sweater Wallpapers

There’s something about ugly Christmas sweaters that are pretty cool. I think these wallpapers look warm and fuzzy. Perfect for the WordPress fan in your life.

Even better, keep them on all winter long to keep your machine nice and happy throughout the winter.

If you’re looking for something for your phone, head over here.



Gutenberg Testing – Legacy content works well in classic blocks.

I’ve been testing out Gutenberg on a test site and have been very impressed. Sure, it’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting better.

One of the tests I completed was seeing what an old post would do when edited in Gutenberg. I picked a post from 2006, clicked Edit, and it worked great.

Gutenberg put the content into what I’m calling a classic block with all the original formatting, the TinyMCE toolbar we’re used to seeing, and even custom toolbar buttons were there. No formatting was lost.

From here, I could edit my content, or I could convert it to blocks.

When I converted it to Gutenberg blocks, it got a little weird, but that was due to the bad formatting of the example post. Seems I wrote some bad code back in 2006. On posts without bad formatting, converting the post to Gutenberg was pretty slick. Each paragraph turned into a block and I could interact with them as Gutenberg intended.

Additionally, if you have revisions turned on, you can always go back to the old version if, for some reason, converting it to Gutenberg creates issues. A safety net is always good. Just make sure you have revisions turned on.

On another super old post, with lots of non-standard HTML formatting, Gutenberg gave me the choice of what I wanted to do with the post. Once again ensuring I’m in control of my content.

Overall, Gutenberg has exceeded my expectations of how it interacts with old posts. Granted, the site I tested with didn’t have any custom fields, but it did have a lot of legacy content which it worked with beautifully.

Custom fields testing is next up for testing for me. I’ve seen some good progress in this area, but I don’t think we’re there yet. Only tests will tell.

Oh, and if you’re reading the post in the screenshot above it’s from 2006 and all the information in it is invalid now.


Tip: Don’t buy multi-mode solar powered Christmas lights.

Solar power Christmas lights sound like a pretty good idea right? Well, they are but make sure you don’t get multi-mode lights.

I bought two sets of solar Christmas lights from two different companies. Both had 8 modes. Both have the same issue, no memory. When the batteries run out, they forget what setting they were last on. There is no battery reserve just for remembering the mode.

Since we can’t control the weather, there’s no assurance that you’ll get enough sun to fully charge the battery. I get that they’re solar powered, but they should save a percent of the battery for remembering what mode they’re set to.

To make it even worse, the default mode is a demo mode where the lights loop through all 8 modes. If there was only one mode, or if the lights default mode was just on, then it wouldn’t be such an issue.

Solar powered Christmas lights seem like a great idea, and I do love the idea of them, but without any memory, the multi-mode solar Christmas lights are quite a disappointment.