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I tried to wrap a kitten.

We’ve been seeing those videos of people wrapping cats for Christmas so we decided to try it ourselves with our kitten. Overall, I call it a success. He was pretty much wrapped, didn’t draw any blood, and, for the most part, allowed me to do whatever. This turned out much better than we expected.


Spin. Spin. Spin.

It’s amazing how much kids can spin around and not get dizzy. I use to be able to do this and now I’m done after just a few spins.


Training a dog to go down a slide is hard work.

When we got a puppy, we knew we’d have to train it, but I didn’t think trying to train it to go down slides at the park was going to be top of the list. Archie actually went down twice. It was a small slide, but you gotta start small. This was actually quite a […]


Text Me Merry Christmas

Finally, a realistic Christmas song that captures the here and now. People will look back at this years from now and be like WOW, you were were all strange. Text me Merry Christmas Send a selfie too If you do, I’ll go ‘Neath the mistletoe And pretend my screen is you Show me that you […]


Single-tasking Is the New Multitasking

Love this video as it describes me perfectly. I feel like I’m going to miss something so I have everything open. I need to FOCUS! I also need to remember to try this on Thursday. However, I’ll probably get distracted and forget. 🙂