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Can Can Wonderland – Arcade & Mini Golf

Last weekend, we had a great time at Can Can Wonderland!

Can Can Wonderland is a arcade packed with a wide array of pinball machines and classic arcade games. From iconic titles like PacMan and Rampage to skee-ball and Dance Dance Revolution. Some games are ones you know and love, others are unknown and unique, and there are even some games so old, your grandparents probably played them as kids. They also have the world’s largest pinball machine. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working well when we were there. Once you’ve paid admission, all games are free to play, making it easy to lose yourself in hours of gaming.

Can Can Wonderland also includes a fantastic mini-golf course, uniquely designed for the venue. Some of our favorite holes were the pool table, band, and St Paul Saints holes. Mini golf is an additional cost, but worth it.

There’s also food, drinks, and live music, but we didn’t partake in those activities.

If you’re looking for something fun to do in St Paul, MN, Can Can Wonderland is great time.

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