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Land of 10,000 lakes and where I call home.

Great day at the Mill City Museum.

I went with my daughter’s 3rd-grade class to the Mill City Museum today and it was great. This was my first time visiting and I was amazed at how much there was to do and how much there was to learn. I know it was a field trip for the kids, but I enjoyed it very...



For the first time in years we went to Valleyfair. I’m a thrill ride fan so I was hoping to hit up all the coasters, but it was also Lily’s first visit so there were plenty of new kid rides that I knew I’d be trying out. We picked a great day as it wasn’t...


Hula Berries Are Pineapple Strawberries.

Hula Berries look like strawberries and taste like pineapple. Really?! We saw them at Home Depot and I really wanted to buy some, but didn’t. I wonder if they really taste like pineapple. Hopefully we can find some at the store to try first.


Paisley Park Memorial Photos

I drive by Paisley Park twice a day and the memorial outside continues to grow. There’s more balloons, more flowers, more gifts, more purple. There’s so much to see when you visit. There are so many trinkets, so many messages, so much love everywhere you look. It’s amazing how Prince’s music has affected so many...


A few tips on getting your enhanced MN drivers license.

If you’re looking at getting an enhanced drivers license there’s a few things you should know. It turns out that the state is pretty picky. First, not every license center does enhanced drivers licenses. Only a few do and you have to make sure you pick the right one. Here’s a list of DMVs in Minnesota...


Snow Storm Just Missed Us

One heck of a spring snow storm is moving through Minnesota and the snow cut-off line is just crazy. When I left work I had to clean the snow off my car, the roads weren’t great, and the visibility was low. By the time I got home there was no snow. Just five miles to...


Good news, everyone is now a graphic designer.

As technology advanced it’s easier and easier to do things on your own. Like becoming your own graphic designer and creating advertisements for your company. Take this postcard I got in the mail last week. How great is this? If you know anything about graphic design, this will undoubtedly drive you nuts. Comic Sans! Black...