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Mall of America Hotel and Casino

The money behind the Mall of America (MOA) in Bloomington Minnesota unveiled what they hope to be phase 2 of the mall. If created, the MOA would be the largest mall in the world. Not only do they want you to come for a few days, but how about a few weeks?! New features would […]


Another Warm February Day

So what’s up with this weather? No snow and temps in the 50s?! Come on. Here it’s only February 12th and we have no snow on the ground and temps warm enough to wear shorts in. This has to be one the saddest Minnesota winters ever. So far I think our snow total is up […]


We’re all gonna die!

“For the first time in at least 25 years, Twin Cities air has been declared “unhealthy for all” by the state’s environmental agency.” – from I guess that means I can’t go outside and I can’t breath! OMG what am I gonna do? Oh yea, I’ll probably forget all about it. 😉 Kinda scary […]


Rodeo Changes To Rush Nighclub

The Rodeo Nightclub in Cottage Grove Minnesota (MN) has changed to The Rush Nightclub. I think they are trying to let people know they are not just a country club. I also think the name change is a little stupid, but it’s their company. They also have a new site up and it’s as horrible […]


Valleyfair Announces RipTide for 2005

Calling all thrill seekers! Valleyfair is pleased to announce the addition of RipTide – 720 DEGREES OF ATTITUDE for the 2005 Season. RipTide is a suspended Top Spin ride, designed by Huss Manufacturing of Germany. Its floorless gondola seats 38 passengers, back to back. The ride reaches a height of 59 feet and completes 13 […]