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Second 5k and we are 3 minutes faster!

Dad and daughter after running a race.
After Race Photo – So tired, but still standing.

Lily and I participated in our second 5k over the weekend, and we were both faster. Not sure what a good improvement is, but we were both about 3 minutes faster than last year.

Lily ran 30 minutes 12 seconds which is 6.17 mph and I ran 30 minutes 24 seconds which is 6.13 mph. We would have had the same time if she didn’t kick it into high gear towards the end and left me in the dust. She told me after the race that her main goal was to beat me.

After crossing the finish line, we both were exhausted, but it’s amazing how much better you feel after just a few minutes. We were very glad it wasn’t too hot out and that we had each other to run with.

This year, we did train. Not a lot, but more than we did last year. We still walked here and there, but less than last year. Either way, it’s quite an achievement to participate in a 5k.

Who knows, we might just do another one next year.

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