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Tornados? Snow? Hot? Cold?

Weather Underground’s unfortunate graphic mishap.

Weather Underground is terminating their weather text alerts and sent out a nice email letting people know. The email included this graphic. Unfortunately, the cactuses in the picture look a bit more like the sun is giving me the middle finger. Especially the one on the right. I’m sure they didn’t intend for this to...


South Fork Crow River Flooding in Watertown, MN

The recent heavy rains in the area has forced the South Fork Crow river in and around Watertown, MN to spill out of its banks. It’s only minor flooding at this time and shouldn’t get too much worse. The good news is that so far, all areas under water aren’t that important. The city has...


Reminder: Tornadoes are unpredictable killers.

Every spring, severe weather creates havoc across the country, and every spring there are amazing videos and photos. Now-a-days, there are pictures and videos of storms everywhere. This is partially because people have smartphones on them at all times so capturing a storm and sharing it online is easy. The thing people forget is that the cool...


Light Cloud

It’s just a fancy round light from Ikea with a bunch of cotton stuck to it. If you choose to make one of these, make sure to use an energy-efficient light bulb though as you don’t want to burn the place down.


Beautiful Sunset

I may have tweaked the colors a little, but overall, the sunsets are pretty amazing when different colors light up the sky.


Snow Storm Just Missed Us

One heck of a spring snow storm is moving through Minnesota and the snow cut-off line is just crazy. When I left work I had to clean the snow off my car, the roads weren’t great, and the visibility was low. By the time I got home there was no snow. Just five miles to...


Lily’s playhouse was not a fan of the storms last night.

In the height of the storms, I turned on the backyard lights to find a pretty sizable branch in our back yard from the neighbors tree. Our playhouse looked a little scared. When I looked again this morning, I noticed there two branches (0ne out of the photo) which missed the fence and the playhouse. Luckily this appears to...