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Another Warm February Day

So what’s up with this weather? No snow and temps in the 50s?! Come on. Here it’s only February 12th and we have no snow on the ground and temps warm enough to wear shorts in. This has to be one the saddest Minnesota winters ever. So far I think our snow total is up […]

We’re all gonna die!

“For the first time in at least 25 years, Twin Cities air has been declared “unhealthy for all” by the state’s environmental agency.” – from I guess that means I can’t go outside and I can’t breath! OMG what am I gonna do? Oh yea, I’ll probably forget all about it. 😉 Kinda scary […]

Broke Snow Drought

Finally, the Twin Cities snow drought is over. Yesterday we got about 6 inches of snow and does it ever look good. It made driving horrible but once we got home it was fine. 😉

Can you say negative 16?

Our cold cold nights continue. With temps that reach close to -20 at night and highs that only make it -5 it’s pretty cold out. Factor in the windchil and it’s like -50 at times. It’s a good weekend to stay in at watch movies. However we do have to go out daily since my […]

Will it snow?

They are predicting snow! Maybe an inch today or two tomorrow. If that happens it’ll be our first, one inch, snowfall of the season. That’s so pathetic for this winter but I have a feeling the April showers will be snow showers.

How to unfreeze a frozen car.

This post was originally written years ago and it tuns out that a lot of people still come here and then don’t find the answer they want. So here are a few more useful tips: Plug in your car. Not sure how standard a plugin is, but pop the hood and see if your car […]

Well Hello There

Hey we made it into the new year safe and sound! We played board games at the neighbors and had a few drinks. Good times! Also, over the holiday break, we had our first winter snow storm warning. Which kinda fizzled out. We got about an inch and a half of sleet and maybe some […]

It’s 50. It’s December. It’s Minnesota!

The weather is so out of whack. Here it is late December in Minnesota and it’s 50 degrees. That temperature melted our trace of snow in no time. So far we’ve gotten 2 inches of snow and that wasn’t even all at one time. This has to be one of the worst winters in a […]

Happy Christmas Eve

Here it is Christmas eve already! We are back in our hometowns and visiting with our families. Everything is covered in white and the temps are very below zero. Burrr. -15 this morning. At least the snow isn’t going anywhere. I wanna wish any and all of my readers a Merry Christmas! It’s Jesus’ birthday […]

We’re gonna have a white Christmas.

It was cut pretty close this year but we will have a white Christmas! The Twin Cities are got about an inch of snow the other day and lots of cold, however my parents in Chatfield got about 5 inches! And, since it can hardly get above 0 during the day, the snow won’t be […]